Child Magic

December 23, 2010
By Maddiewolf SILVER, Mountain City, Tennessee
Maddiewolf SILVER, Mountain City, Tennessee
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During the period of your life I believe you get one chance to live in a fantasy world. Your one chance is when you are a little kid. When you are a kid you believe that anything is possible and that there are such things like fairies and unicorns. I see my little sisters playing outside in search of something magical. They can play forever it seems entertaining themselves by making fairy houses so the fairies have some place to live. It seems as if nothing is impossible to my little sisters. When one of my sisters loses a tooth she can't wait to go to sleep that night so the tooth fairy would come and leave a surprise under their pillow. When Christmas would come my little sisters would see the snow fall and instead of thinking its just freezing rain they think that the snow fairies came and put a white blanket over the land. The night before Christmas they try to stay up as late as they could so they could see the busy guy in the red suit comes and eats the cookies they made while filling up their stockings. I think how easy it must be to be a little kid you have no worries. When you are little you don't have to worry about taxes or finding the right career. All they worry about is if the tooth fairy knows were they live. Little kids always try and make the best of things. Looking back when I was little I remember never being bored always having something to do. In fact I had to much to do. Now I get bored very easily. I remember how any kind of animal was so interesting and I immediately wanted it for a pet. Now I love my pets but I get bored and become uninterested. I also remember going to magic shows watching those mysterious magicians do what we all know is just an allusion but when I was a kid it was just magic there was no allusion. Now when I go to magic shows I try to figure out how the magician does the allusions. I believe that as we get older we forget everything magical and important. We lose the child with in us. I try to keep that child close but at times I feel it slipping away. I will still keep that child I used to know well but not so well anymore close to me and let it be an example for when I get older.

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