Lessons Learned

January 7, 2011
By Anonymous

What would you do if your best friend were in danger. Well I had to decide in what to do one day in late spring, and at the end of the experience I had learned a great lesson about fact that even if you have to go against what your best friend would want you to do, in the end it’s the right thing to do and could save a life.
It was Monday and I had just gotten home from school, my friend was upset so I asked her if she wanted to go for a walk downtown to talk and try to clear her head. Her name was Jasmine; we invited another one of our friends, Alex. Jasmine walked outside with two bottles and she said that it was water. Once we started to get into town I realized that she was drunk. The bigger problem was we had no idea how much she had drank before she was with us. As we got further into town things began to get a lot worse. When she was drunk enough to not comprehend that much anymore I took the two bottles and I chucked them over a fence into the woods. I told Alex that we should bring her home but as soon as she heard me say this she ran away yelling “NO!” She was so drunk that she tried to run and jump off a cliff in the back of the woods a bit further than the road. I ran after her and grabbed her by her belt pulling her back but almost losing my footing and falling with her. I sat down on a rock and she layed her head in my lap. I told Alex in a whisper that we needed to get her home or call her mom. I thought she wouldn’t hear me but she did and she took off running again. She was to drunk to get very far and she fell to the ground. She was lying in the dirt by the side of the road but behind a group of bushes so that no cars could really see her enough to know what was wrong with her. As she laid there she started throwing up. I thought okay this is a good sign that she is throwing up because she is getting the alcohol out of her system. When she was done throwing up we could probably walk her back home. She started screaming so I went to the road to think for a minute she was yelling don’t leave me alone with Alex. Then I heard Alex yell to me “I think she’s having a ceasure!” Not knowing what else to do I realized I needed to call her mother. I called her on my cell phone she knew me well enough to know that if I were calling her it must have been very important. Her mother arrived in about five minutes and we all lifted her into the car and her mom drove her to the hospital. When she got there she had to have her stomach pumped three times she also was passing out. Later that night I got a call from her mother saying that the doctor had told her that she was allergic to alcohol and could have been killed from drinking so much. We talked for a while as she thanked me for saving her daughters life and reassured me it was the right thing to do.

This experience taught me that sometimes you have to go against what someone wants you to do and do what the right thing is because it is always better to have a friend mad at you than to not have that friend at all anymore and know you could have done something to save them. I also learned the dangers of alcohol first hand. The next day I received a text saying thank you for saving my life. It made me want to cry because it was so hard for me to go against what she wanted thinking she would hate me but in the end she was grateful.

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