Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star.

December 31, 2010
By Torpor SILVER, Allendale, New Jersey
Torpor SILVER, Allendale, New Jersey
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Stars and thoughts, they’re all the same. Constantly appearing from the darkest depths of the night. Some giving off the illusions of being brighter than the others and some playing devious tricks on the human eye. Some have been dead for billions of years and some are as fresh as the morning dew. One can never predict the time in which these breathtaking stars will choose to unveil themselves from their black abode. Sometimes they’ll want to come out and play, confidently displaying their twinkling beauty, but sometimes they’ll be unseen for days, quietly residing in the dark.

As I gently lifted my heavy head to gaze up at the glittering stars, a routine that I have committed to every night, a familiar flush of memories swam by. Staring up at the wondrous stars has always been my favorite thing to do, ever since I was a baby girl. There’s just something about them that fills my whole body with so much wonder, curiosity, and mystery. I've always felt so tiny and insignificant amidst this entire galaxy of stars that holds so much hope and magnificence… But then I'd slowly start to over think everything, and it would begin to turn immensely dismal and despondent. My battered heart aches with extreme loneliness when it reminisces about the nostalgic times of when he and I looked up at the stars together. I shuddered and fell back into reality. It’s bone-chillingly cold outside, and yet, I wish it to be colder, highly disappointed by the fact that winter has failed to reach it’s peak.

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