Mommy, Daddy It's Christmas

December 15, 2010
By ChocolateBoss GOLD, Fort Dodge, Iowa
ChocolateBoss GOLD, Fort Dodge, Iowa
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Good night mommy and daddy. Good night little one.

Mommy, daddy wake up its Christmas. The day of Christmas every little kid is in a hurry to wake up, they seem to have a little automatic alarm clock installed in them when they were babies. Up and awake the little kids are waiting for mommy, daddy to wake up, but some parents don’t get that luxury. Mommy, daddy wake up its Christmas. Christmas for most people is just another day no money, no food, no presents, and no house to live under to celebrate the holiday cheers. Their kids stay asleep knowing that when they wake up Christmas is not the same as they had before, they are waiting for handouts and no one helps them. Where’s the holiday cheer? Mommy, daddy can I open this one? Yes go ahead. Christmas isn't the same as it used to be, families are now more apart than anything else now and rarely talk except on special occasions. Christmas caroling around from house to house. What about the people who don’t get a Christmas? Where is their holiday cheer?

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