Professionally Me

January 4, 2011
By Anonymous


A word I am VERY familiar with. It is a word that has made me a dedicated member of the club “Hello! I’m the new girl and I’m from fill in the blank”. My “fill in the blank” consists of four soon to be five states. That’s six moves.

I’m a professional new girl. And part of being a professional means I have to know who I am. And I do.

I am the new girl. I am the forgotten. I am the unforgettable.

That boisterous laugh you hear from the other side of the hallway, that’s me. That girl reading in the back of the room, that’s me too. The annoying girl that is always smile, that’s me too.

If self-conscious is my middle name. Responsibility is my first. Oldest equals responsibility. Responsibility equals example. Example equals pressure.
If I smile my siblings do too. If I get straight A’s so do they. And if I go to college…well let’s just hope the economy gets better by baby 6.

I am the one you hate. I am the one you love.

But most importantly. I am me. I am Kiersten.

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