Dirt Bike Riding Is My Life

December 23, 2010
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Dirt bike riding is my life. This next year I think I might be going to try to race. It would be a blast and a dream to do it for a living.

My dirt bike is a Honda CR 125, but it has been rebuilt into a race and jump bike, so it’s faster and has a very large suspension kit in it.

My cousin, Joey, who’s 24, lives in Mankato, but he comes up to my house to ride his Raptor 700 four-wheeler with me. His name is Joey Bauer. He actually might come and live with my dad and me because work isn’t very good in Mankato.

This is boss because we have pretty much all the same toys, like his four-wheeler. I have pretty close to the same thing. He has a crotch rocket, and my dad has one but he said he will give it to me.

Joey and I might be going to Oklahoma to the dunes together. He will bring his wheeler, and I will bring my dirt bike. It will be a blast. If we do go it would be next year, because he goes once a year, and he already went this year. He told me how he goes down there; five guys pitch in one- hundred dollars each for gas.

Man, it would be awesome. I think I’m go to start getting ready now by saving up some money for gas, new tires for my bike and other equipment I will need.

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