Our Future You Try To Take Away

December 21, 2010
We sit now listening to our sorrows and our negativity; We may now ask our self what you’ve done to us. You have now created a jacket for us to wear, we walk around with this sorrowful jacket putting more weight on our shoulders more then we can bare. We walk around our school with no one having an idea on what’s going on; with the pressure we now have to carry on our back.

Now I ask my self “I wonder why are you doing this to us?” Why do you want us to leave? Having to think about this every second of my life it brings me nothing but sorrow and sadness, I try to abolish this thought out of my mind, But all it manages to do is to interfere with my Academic work I can’t think right on what’s going at school, which explain my lack of grades this year. My last year in High School should be my strongest year to show colleges how much I’ve improved but dolefully im not succeeding.

Born and rase here in the United States is my life. Where I was rased from scrap, I learned how to walk and how to talk. My Childhood here in the united states is what has come of me now 18 years of age. Now asking me to move to some strange new country is like asking me to start my life all over again to learn a whole new life culture and to learn a new life style.

Why go to some other country where I won’t have the same luxury of education as I would hear in the U.S. Why go risk my future when I know im in the land of opportunities where I know that my future can be bright and make a great impact in society?

Now My parents and I and my two younger siblings living in a 3-bedroom apartment living a great life until my Uncle and my Aunt got deported living behind five kids and now we have become a hold of these five kids (which are my cousins). Now imagine 10 of us living in this medium size three bedroom apartment making life more complicated then it has to be. It causes me more stress to think how much my father has to go through just to maintain the nine of us. My father the only one paying for everything the rent all our food our school and Academic needs and now paying so much money trying to fight this case on wether or not to keep them here in the United State.

When the tragic event of my cousin parents being deported change the lives of these poor kids now experiencing the pain they have to be going through; puts me to a closer feeling on what’s to happen if that was the case for us. Not a pleasing thing to go through emotionally. The faces of these kids was filled with sorrow and no hope what so ever. It was like taking away their live and what once was a part of them no gone. Which a feeling that no kid this age ever has to feel. So why make us go through all this pain. So as we sit here today don’t just think about your self think about our future and what’s to come of us in the long run.

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