Back in My Younger Days

December 20, 2010
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Coming home from a fun filled night, from door to door everybody that greeted my saying "Oh, I love your costume!" With my young mind I really didn't care what they said I just wanted chocolate and the other types of cheap candy they had to give me. From the tootsie rolls to the red tasty suckers I poured out all the candy that I had collected. On my pumpkin bag it said on its "candy meter" that I had reached EXTREME, so I was proud that I had beaten all my other relatives. Before I knew it, I had to hurry up because my mother had been calling for me to get ready for several minutes. Rushing into my room throwing on clothes and then topping it all off with my black ninja costume I rushed down our green stairs, which reminded me of all jolly ranchers I got earlier that evening. “Please Tray let me take a picture." asked my mom. “Okay mom, but just this one." I replied. I gazed over at the television and I saw my favorite (and other six or seven year old's) favorite show, Sponge Bob Square Pants. With my mom pulling my coat we rushed out the door.

It was eight o’clock and about thirty two degrees outside, yes it was very cold! Anyways, mostly all of my relatives (on my dad’s side of the family) on a wooden trailer with hay. I jumped on, and missed the first time, I was about a little under four feet and that trailer looked like it was about six feet tall at the time. I tried again and I had finally got it. We were finally off, my grandma in her candy corn costume stood up and started saying “Here we go! Now lets here them songs!”. My great grandma (gran-gran who was in her seventies) started singing “Amazing Grace” real quietly but we kids wanted to sing some crazy fun songs. I shouted “Oh, who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Sponge Bob Square Pants! And then our whole family started to sing the whole theme song. I was officially given the name “ Song thinker upper” as I liked to call it. I came up with the best things to sing from various show theme songs to “Row, row, row your boat” the whole way to my Aunts house. The excitement started to rush throughout my body. The fun was just getting started!

The old wooden rundown trailer pulled in to my aunt house and everybody rushed to the poll barn. I tumbled over the rail of that old trailer and was one of the last ones to the barn,and I swung open the door. With my eyes open wide like a deer in the headlights I ran to my family and was shouting “ what are we going to do first? The pies or the tag in the dark( commonly known as flashlight tag)”. My Aunt Janet went to the front of the room as tried to get everyone settled down and quite so she could explain the rules of each game and to “lay down the law”. “ So, I guess we are going to start with a little game I like to call, Cool Whip bubble!” my aunt said. Everybody had no clue what so ever what it was but I know I was very excited so I started yelling “ Yeah,Whoa!!” and clapping but I soon found out that I was the only one yelling. My other relatives started with me and then I didn't feel such alone.

Okay, back to explaining the game, the game was that they would have brackets( like they do when they have the NCAA basketball championship) and two people would match up to a pie pan full with whip cream and had a very hard piece of Double Bubble. Well since I was about six or seven facing a thirty year ago grown man, I know I had to step up my game. I beat my first opposite.... my five year old cousin. When I won in the second round I throw my hands up like I was Rocky Balboa, it was on from here on out, I thought. I made it to the sweet sixteen by default and made my way to the final . It was my dad, my uncle, my aunt Janet( we all thought she had cheated and had apiece of candy in her hand every time she went up there, but we let it slide), my grandpa( yes, we were as surprised as you are right now), my sister baylie, and me. I was up to some good competition but I had to believe that I could do it.

Okay, so here was my situation, I am six years old going up against much older people but I told my “ Self, its just a game so if you lose down be a bad sport and accept the lose”. I lost. I was very disappointed that I had let my aunt beat me. .I was ready now for the next game that we were going to play, flash light tag. This game is was simple, you hide, and run to make it to base. I only played about two round of this game then I was as tired and ready to go home. My dad had drove his red Ford ranger down to the barn so my mom,sister, dad, and me climbed in and started on the thirty minute drive home. Looking back now I really miss those days were our family would get together and play games. Now it seems that if we want to get together not everyone can make it either its sports, going out of town, or even cant come because there going on a date with there boyfriend/girlfriend. Sure our family gets together at Thanksgiving and Christmas but I wish we could get together more often. I believe that as we grow up families tend to, in a sense grow apart. And when our family gets together it seems more special that we are together. I ready do like the time that my family and me spend together, but I just wish we did it more often.

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JoeCool67 said...
Jan. 5, 2011 at 10:33 am
Good job Tray!
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