December 17, 2010
By griffink BRONZE, Dallas Center, Iowa
griffink BRONZE, Dallas Center, Iowa
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I have never owned my own pet before. Last spring, I asked my parents for a kitten. After much discussion, it was agreed that a kitten would be my confirmation gift. This is the story of Biscuit (who is snuggling with me as I write this paper).

In May, I begin looking for kittens. I heard about a family in Grimes that served as foster parents for kittens in a shelter. We visited the home, and I immediately fell in love with a gray and white kitten, Jackson. I knew right away that I wanted that kitten. I had to wait until he was five pounds and eight weeks old to adopt him. The day was almost here when we got a bad call. Jackson had been taken to the shelter and examined by the vet. He was diagnosed with feline leukemia. He had to be put down. I felt so sad—exactly like I felt when our old cat, Koucka, died. I already loved Jackson so much. I didn’t want to lose him before he was even mine.

After a month or so, the foster kitten lady sent us a picture of a cute, light yellow and white kitten from the shelter. She thought that he would be the best choice for me. She said that he liked to snuggle and had a great big purr. My mom and I visited the shelter that next Saturday. I got to hold the kitten named Biscuit. He snuggled up to me and had the loudest purr that I had ever heard in such a small kitten. We took him home that day.

At home, he met Turner’s cat, Sylvester. I was worried that they would fight, but Sylvester immediately liked him and acted like a Dad taking care of him and giving him bathes. Although he was very little, Biscuit thought that he was ferocious. He would attack anything that moved. He even scared our Lab who was twenty times his size. Biscuit spent the first few weeks getting to know his new surroundings and doing a lot of sleeping. He especially liked lying on his back in my lap.

Today, Biscuit is nine months old. He is getting ready for his first Christmas. Luckily, he hasn’t gotten into the tree, but he likes playing with the ornaments. Biscuit is a great pet and friend. I hope that we can spend many years together.

The author's comments:
I hope that people will love their pets as much as I do.

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