How My Dad Impacts My Life

December 17, 2010
By jovin BRONZE, Washington
jovin BRONZE, Washington
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My dad has impacted my life in so many ways that there are just too many things to list in one biography. But I can show you sometimes he really impacted my life drastically. For example, there was that time that he told me about how to sell things, there also was that time when he told me how to analyze the situation then act, and many more situations like these that really impacted my life, and how I live it.

Before my dad told me how to sell things, I was really stupid. I didn’t know how to sell anything if it depended on my life. This reminds me of the time when I sold my PSP(gaming device), and lost like over 150 dollars on it. After I got home and told my dad how much I had sold it for he got mad.
“Why the hell did you sell it for some cheap?”

When he said this to me that feeling you get when you know you did something wrong just reigned over me with tremendous effect.
“How do I know how much I was supposed to sell it for?” I replied
“Didn’t I ever tell you how to sell things?”
“Nope, so does this mean that I’m off the hook?”
“Kind of” My dad replied in a very uncertain tone.
“Let me explain to you how to sell things. Whenever you sell things, and this includes anything you sell, you must get some profit or close to it. And if they keep declining your price then drop them and move on. There are other people in the world that would like to have that item and wouldn’t mind spending some money for it. ”
“Alright” I replied

From that day on anything I sold I made a profit out of it. If my dad didn’t tell me how to sell things I probably would’ve lost hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Like the time I sold my shoes, I bought them for about 200 dollars and sold them for like 275, I made a 75 dollar profit! I didn’t think I could sell it for that much but I did. Before I sold my shoes to this guy I got like a million other offers that were under 200, and I declined them all, just like my dad said to. And guess what, everything that he told me to do got me an extra 75 bucks that I didn’t think I was going to get.

Another time that my dad taught me something that really impacted my life was when he talked to me about how to stay out of trouble by thinking everything over before making any actions. This really helped me, well pretty recently when I was in the 9th grade.
“Hey man, do you want to skip 3rd and just go to lunch?”
“I don’t know man.” During this time I was thinking about everything that would happen for example, would I get in trouble, what would my consequence be?
“No man I can’t, I got a test in that class” I replied hoping that he wouldn’t figure out that I was lying.
“Whatever man, I’ll just go by myself.”

What my dad talked to me about how to act and what to do in these situations really helped me through it because, if he hadn’t had told me I probably would have gotten a call home telling my parents how I skipped, then they yell at me and give me a whole lecture, and they probably would have taken my xbox away. But I stayed out of that whole thing situation with my parents yelling at me and getting my xbox taken away because of what my dad told me that day.

Both of these stories are only two things out of a whole box of things of how my dad impacts my life so drastic. To me the one person that has an impact on my life the most is my dad.

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