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December 17, 2010
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It was my sixth birthday party when I first met my God sister Theresa. I’ve never seen her before so I went up to her and I said, “hi my name is Paul, what is your name?”

She replied, “Hi my name is Theresa, happy birthday Paul.” So that is when I first met Theresa in my life but after the party ended and everyone left my house. As my family and I were cleaning the house because the whole entirely house was a mess. So as I was cleaning the house I ask my Mom, “Who was Theresa?”

My Mom replied “Paul that was your God sister Theresa, you didn’t know that?” in my life I was impacted by that because I always wanted a younger sister but she was older then me but I don’t care because I still got a sister.

I still remember what my God sister look like on that day when I first met her. She had this short dark brown hair; a really nice smile; and brown dark eyes.

Theresa acted really nice and sounded cute when she talks to me. At first I thought that she will act shy or something else because this is her first time coming to my house and she doesn’t know any kids here.
As soon as I saw Theresa at my house again I new that we wood am good God brother and God sister.

It all came true because from that day, I call Theresa “God sister” and she would call me “God brother “, Mom and Dad “God mother and God Father” ok you get what I’m talking about. But sometime she and I would always make fun of each other or we would just fight like I call her Shorty and she would call me fatty; but we would know that were messing with each other even if were acting serious. I love my “God sister” because she impacted me or inspire me to do good deeds like if someone help me out then I can help another person and they will help another person so that it will keep going on. sorry guys i didn't finish yet :(

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