Life on Wheels

December 12, 2010
By Heather Manning PLATINUM, Baltimore, Maryland
Heather Manning PLATINUM, Baltimore, Maryland
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I have struggled a lot with having CP I'm not going to lie to you. Some days are easier than others of course. I think most of the struggles I have personally is all in the mental game. I am learning day by day that I am strong in so many different ways I can't even list them all. My chair is there to help me live not stop me from living. I only stop myself not the chair! I seem to forget that a lot. People around me have shown me that your disability doesn't define you as a person. Why is it even called a disability? I don't know because we all have problems in life mine is just eaiser to see. Working hard is what I do with everything in life so when I have to get up and walk in gym that is no different. I push myself so hard when I walk maybe even harder then everything else. I am not embarrassed of my chair or my gait trainer (what I walk in) because they help me and are a part of my life. I can't change that even though I want to sometimes. I don't want you to feel sorry for me at all that annoyes me the most I can handle anything in one way or another I was chosen to have this life for some reason so I am going to embrace it as much I can. I really do take pride in being in a chair because I might look different to the observer but I'm not if you look past the chair. Some people do, some don't but I don't care because I am who I am with and without the chair. Life is what it is. My life is just a little different because I have wheels that keep me rolling through life. It does matter if I want life to stop or go back in time because you know what Liife just keeps rolling on... No matter what.

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