Havent your parents taught you?!

December 7, 2010
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Look at all the people drinking these days, do they know what they’re doing to themselves? And you see all those people doing drugs. You would think they’re old enough to know, but in today’s society more teens drink now then adults do. Why? Because they think it’s cool.
More than 8% of eighth graders drink, 16% of sophomores and 24% of seniors drink. Also the beginning of risky behavior; about 5,000 teen’s die of underage drinking ever single year! But not just from drinking. From homicides, from car crashes and suicides. Teens that drink are always able to increase their risk of other injuries. Don’t teenagers know right from wrong yet? What they think is cool isn’t cool in my eyes if you ask me, meeting with your friends after school to smoke and drink is ridiculous. Why be trashing your body when you can spend time making new friends in extracurricular activities and playing a sport; to keep your body healthy. What they don’t get is that their friends may think it’s cool to smoke and drink but do THEY think it’s cool or fun? Most teens drink just to fit in with the crowd or because they get pressured into it, while the others grow up with their parents drinking around them all the time so they think it’s okay to do it. Well, some of these drinkers actually like it so they just drink whenever they feel like it. Alcohol use interacts with conditions like depression and stress, and contributes to an estimated 300 teen suicides a year. Is this how you want to end your life?
I was supposed to hang out with a really close friend after school one day, then he called me and told me he couldn’t make it because he got in trouble. So I decided to walk to the park with my other friend to get my mind off all of the stress in school, we were walking down a path near a river and suddenly we heard voices and saw smoke coming from the trees, we went to check it out. Little did I know it was my friend who was supposed to meet me after school, he was hanging out with all the “Druggies.” I looked at him but he looked away instantly because he knew I was mad at him. I thought we were going to be friends for life. But when he started fires and drinking and smoking I knew to stay away. Later after that he apologized but continued to act the way he had been acting. He started getting really mean and bossy towards me and I didn’t like it at all. So I saw him in the hallway and looked at him and said “If this is the way this is making you act then I want nothing to do with you anymore, sorry” and that was the end of a really long friendship. Sure I was sad but I moved on and found better friends, ones who didn’t do all these bad things. Sure, you may be thinking why would anyone care what I think, well they should. There are no good things about drinking. Stop and think before you do anything you don’t want to do, nobody can make you do anything you don’t want to.

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pepsigrl said...
Dec. 10, 2010 at 8:50 pm
sooooo true!!!
loves2write replied...
Dec. 14, 2010 at 12:53 pm
trust me- i know lol. and im so sick of it
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