December 2, 2010
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The first time I went to Georgia it was 9 years ago. When i thought it was the coolest thing ever only well because i got to drive a four wheeler and shoot my first gun. I got to go to my first mud bog and ride in a monster truck and get filled with mud. Wen i got back to the house i got on a 90cc four wheeler and went in to a field and started doing donuts and got even more muddier. Than i got inside and my dad started yelling at me so i had to take a shower and stay in for the knight.
I wake up at 6:00 and cant fall back to sleep. (Georgia is 2 hours ahead from Colorado) My dad wakes up a little bit later and i ask him if i can go ride a four wheeler he says no every body is sleeping. i said no!…... they are right there! Than he said all-right go. I was riding when i saw some thing laying there on the ground it was a big black bird. I tell my cousin to come but he didn't so i went to go see what he was doing and he said setting a trap to catch possums and raccoons. We go and set the traps and we go back in the morning. We got to raccoons. We go back to the house and show my dad and than we go in to the field and get out of the way and let than go and drive away in a rush. About a hour later we went fishing and caught some catfish and brim we used the brim for bait to catch the catfish. We drove back to the house to eat. Than we go out side with a 3 pointed spear and went hunting for bull frogs “we didn't get any”. Than we went to the house after we walked around and went and watched a movie and went to bed. I woke up again about 7 and ate. Than we went out side and went fishing on the Chattahoochee we all so just stayed there for 3 days. I found this spot and caught a baby cat fish and a bunch of baby brim. Than me and my cousin went to a boat doc that wasn't used very often and caught 55 fish in a hour. we took the fish to the camp site.
We sit around a fire cooking marshmallows trying not to burn them hoping not to fall asleep soon. We got done cooking them. I go back down to the bank where we caught the small fish. I caught a Eal and didn't no what to do so i yelled for my cousin to come help me “he got it off for me”. I put it in the water again hoping to catch a fish as i feel a big tug and hook a brim the size of my hand. Than my cousin caught a 5 pound cat fish. We had it for lunch the next day. Than i looked at my watch and it said 3 o clock in the morning. We headed back and fell asleep in front of the fire. I woke up to crickets chirping and the sun coming up over the river. Lillie's in a big bunch as alligators dive under the water to try to not be seen fish jumping 3 feet out of the water. The first thing i do is grab my pole and bait and go out to the ledge and start fishing. About a hour later i see my dad coming turds me saying r u crazy? I respond maybe just a Little but right now no. Right after i say that my pole bends as i get a big bite i hook the fish it took about a hour it seemed but it was only 5 minuets. The fish was a 7 pound bass. My dad said well there is breakfast!!
Every body got up around 8. My cousin and i went to our spot but this time there were alligators around and the fish were jumping. I casted out and about a minuet later i caught a 2 pound cat fish. I put it in the bucket and rebated and casted out as fast as i could. We went back to the house that night. I went on the boat and i was in Florida and Georgia at once and at the same time caught a fish. It seemed so fast down there. We get to the house and we went to go swimming but it ended up to be a party we had floating things with engine's in them so we could have wars. I would swim under the person and flip them off of the tube so that i could get it.After the party we went to the house and hung out for a little then we rode the four wheelers to the creek and went fishing with our pellet gun.
I shot 2 fish and my cousin shot 1. Than we went to the house and staid in for the night because i was tired for the night. I wake up to dogs barking people yelling fire works blasting off. It was the fourth of July. Me and my cousin started shooting fire works off of the four wheelers. than my cousin shoots off one and it just went rite in to the ground. And lit a pile of leafs on fire. I run up to it and start peeing on the leafs to put out the fire. My cousin just starts laughing as he falls to the ground. Than he stats screaming i said why u screaming he said he landed on something mushy as he gets up he landed on dog poop. I start laughing as he walks to go take a shower and change. I go inside to go tell my dad. He said ewe!...... Then i go in to the middle of a field with my pellet gun and see bunch of birds above me and i see one land on the ground i aim and fire. I shoot it in the head it dies. I put it in a bad and put it in a tree for 3 days for fishing bait.

I head to go eat lunch as i see some thing moving in the grass i stop grab my gun and stand up on the fore wheeler and look i see it its a big snake i aim and shoot and hit it,it stops and curls up i go fast and run over it and kill it. I go to my cousins house and hang out for a little than we went in to a corn field and played tag on our four wheelers we would crash in to each other. I crashed in to my friend and flip him over. Wile we were playing and i ran out of gas i yelled for my cousin to push me to the house we get there and i fill it up with gas and my dad said it was all ready 6 at night the sun was going down. We got on the four wheelers and drove around until 12 at night than we went to bed. I woke up at 9:30 we went over to my step moms dads house and went fishing on his boat we didn't get any thing but i saw a 6 foot alligator and a 300 pound cat fish Sufis the water and go back down under a log to hide I'm guessing hes about 100 years old or at leased that. We head back to the house. I go look in the front yard and see a rabbit i caught it and now its my pet.
When ever i go to Georgia its fun i go there every summer. I get to shoot guns, Ride four wheelers, Go swimming, my favorite thing to do is Ride four wheelers and hang out with my cousin. Me and my cousin do a lot of stuff together. We went for a ride on the four wheelers
down the road to his friends we went fishing and caught little cat fish. Than we went to the chicken pen and i caught a chicken and it bit me. so i threw it. I got on my four wheeler and speed of to hide on the side of the road when my cousin drove bye i chased him. I was going 65mph and he turned and i didn't turn so i was going straight and i hit a jump and landed in a creek so water went every where. Than i got suck in it mud was flying every where my cousin came with his 600 horse power four wheeler and he got me out. I went to the house for lunch i got yelled at because i was covered in mud so i couldn't go in side so i just went and got my gun and started shooting in the pond rite wen my cousin came up a big fish came up to the water and i shot it rite in the head. My cousin grabbed the net and pulled it in but it wasn't the only thing in the net there was a Eal in the net it scared me. I grabbed the cat fish and showed it to my dad. Than i went to go swim and i herd my cousin say were going to the river so we rode our four wheelers to the river. we went in the water with our four wheelers and we went fishing and swimming. Than we headed back to the house because it started to rain. We were riding and it stated to hail so we stooped at a gas station until it stooped witch was about 20 min later. We got to the house and dried off and ate dinner than went to bed.
I woke up and ate than
we went out side it was raining. We went on the four wheelers and rode to the bridge to see how high the water is it was up to the bottom of the bridge we wait to see if ant thin will come down the river. about 5 min a tree and a house coming down the river. We watch it crash in ti the bridge than we leave and go to the pond and see how high the water is in there. It was not high at all. so we head to the field hoping its not that bad. We go there as fast as we can i fly in to the field and the mud is half a foot deep i stay going fast as i can but my cousin gets stuck i get on the road and he hands me the wench i put it on the back bar i start off slow and it didn't work because my four wheeler is a 250cc and his is a 800cc so i grab the wench and put it around a tree and it pulls him out. We go to the house and grab our fishing gear and go to the pond. We got bored so we went fishing for a wile. We caught a big bass and a big cat fish. We put the bass and the cat fish back. We caught a ton of brim and little fish we used them as bait i cut up some brim and threw them in to bring the catfish to us. About a hour later we head home to get some drinks and eat. We go back in to the forest just to mess around. We made new trails
we made a race track and a obstacle coarse. We made it so that who ever had the best time would be the best four wheeler guy and it was me only because my four wheeler is a racing four wheeler.
It was now Thursday i had to go home i had school on Monday we left at 4:30 in the morning. No one was awake and all i hear is frogs and crickets as i walk to the truck get in and pass out. I wake up and were stooped at a rest stop in some where in i don't no but we drove for a really long time and i fell asleep for 8 hours there was nothing to do. I wake up and its dark i ask my dad what time is it he said it was 6 so i thought it was 6 in the morning than i saw the moon coming up and i staid up tell 12 and went to bed. Then i woke up to my dad shifting gears rite as i woke up and i could hear the turbos kicking in it was about 5 in the morning i couldn't fall back to sleep. We went to south Dakota for a night and half a day. It takes all day and night to get to Colorado we get to my house and the first thing i do is go up to my dad and give him a hug good bye and hope to see him soon but its not a long time before i see him again and its about a month or two before i see him the longest time was 7 months it sucked.And well i have no more to say about Georgia because i told you its fun and exciting so that's all the


(PS: Georgia has a lot of snakes and they like to get muddy in Georgia)

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