my snow memory

December 2, 2010
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This is a warning: the title of this story makes you think of cheery days with hot chocolate. It isn't like that. My snow memory is a story so wildly sinister you might just cry, right there. A cliche storyteller would say that it had begun “like any other day”; but it didn’t. My story starts off with two crazy kids, me and my brother, bounding down the stairs excited for their third or fourth snow day that week, (okay I admit it doesn't begin so wretched.) That’s not like a normal day because we hardly ever got snow days, only once in my life have I ever gotten enough snow to cancel school for a whole week. So we bumbled into the kitchen and announced that we were going on a snowy adventure outside. Of course two pint sized munchkins like us would get lost in the blizzard. The idea was first presented by my mom, "Why don't we go for a nature walk together?"

A "nature walk". In a blizzard. So of course when we got outside, after what seamed like years to get us squealing rug rats all dressed in our marshmallow outfits, we began trudging through the foot deep snow. The wicked wind whipped by by ears so quickly I couldn't hear a thing. My face stung from the pelting ice and snow. I pulled up my scarf to cover my nose and my hat over my eyes. I didn't stop walking. I couldn't hear, see, or smell. I seemed awfully lonely. 

I timidly raised the edge of my hat; where was everyone? I peered towards where I thought my house was. I couldn't see it. I was lost. I would freeze to death out in the cold, a little second grader popsicle. They'd abandoned me. Then I heard it. A soft echo of my familiar name, worn out from being called so many times. I forced my tired legs to plow through the snow. There they were inside my warm house, drinking steaming cups of hot chocolate. I envied them. 

I tramped back through the thick snow. When I opened the door I was overwhelmed by warmth, I felt like I had been frozen and would need a while to thaw out. Later on as I sat by the heater defrosting my numb toes, I realized this was a snowday I would never forget.

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