A kindergartner's surprise

December 2, 2010
By Anonymous

Many years ago during my elementary days, my great grandma, who I referred to as Nana, treated me to a memory I will have and cherish forever. Though it wasn't a huge deal, it stuck with me and is one of my favorite memories I had with her.

It all started after school at Roosevelt Elementary. The bell had sounded, and school was out. I stepped out of my class and my Nana was there to pick me up. She grabbed hold of my hand, and we walked down the hall. I remember being very tired, as we had a tough day of gluing sparkles to paper; I was in kindergarten.

I dragged my feet against the concrete, making that scraping sound that everyone knows. My Nana just gave me a look and laughed.

“ I have a surprise for you,” she said. I looked at her with the genuine curiosity and excitement of any kindergartner awaiting a surprise. I guessed and guessed as we walked by the fencing of the school, sticking my fingers in the holes as we walked.

It finally dawned on me what the surprise was: Doughnut Country! The delicious smell of freshly cooked dough and chocolate blew across my face. I began jumping around like a wild hooligan, just as any kid jacked up on super-happy-sugar time would be. I love doughnuts; they're my weakness. I pressed my chubby little face against the glass casing and gazed at the doughnuts. My nostrils and mouth left fog marks on the glass.

I picked out my favorite, a glazed raspberry jelly-filled doughnut. I sat down with my Nana, and we enjoyed our surprise. I will always love doughnuts, my Nana, and Doughnut Country. I will cherish this memory for a lifetime.

The author's comments:
It was a piece for class.

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