The Happiest Place on Earth

November 30, 2010
By Anonymous

Standing at the end of Main Street, looking down the lively lane, true happiness begins to seep into me as well as everyone else entering this world of enchantment. The sun shines above filling everyone’s features with pure bliss, also bringing out the exuberant colors of the surroundings. The shops and restaurants lined up on each side of the crowded street look like they are straight from a fantasy land, carefully decorated, filled with sweet tasty treats, gleaming glittery jewelry, and stylish clothing; all of the products have been claimed with the Disney emblem. The street and sidewalk are both swarming with small children who are eager to explore every square inch of the park, teenagers that are just as animated and excited to be there, as well as adults feeling again like children themselves. As the day goes on and the sun begins to decline below the horizon, people crowd around the majestic castle, the centerpiece of the park, all waiting in anticipation of the final event of the day, the most miraculous sight: the famous Disneyland firework show. Being in this magical place and watching the performance fills everyone with all sorts of cheerful sensations; it will enlighten their mood no matter what.
When the countdown ends and the show finally starts, bright flashes of light begin to illuminate the night sky above me. The sparks of color explode before my eyes to form magical shapes and animations. They create Disney scenes and pictures, using the sky as the backdrop. They burst out in every color: red, pink, orange, blue, green, purple, and so many more. They come and go, throwing splashes of light upon every face watching in awe. Looking around, all I can see is hundreds, possibly thousands of faces staring up with smiles plastered on, hands pointing into the sky at the thrilling and delightful spectacle. As the show goes on, the fireworks become slightly more blurry; the smoke from them starts to cloud up the sky. The outbursts of fire continue to dance along with the music until the finale when the sky is lit up without any breaks or pauses between explosions, colors flashing, sparks soaring, and smoke swirling all around.

A few seconds after each flash of color comes a delayed boom or a bang. After some of the major explosions, the boom that I hear is a deep, earth shaking thud. With the small flickers I hear a more high pitched crackle of noise, similar to the sound of a gun being fired. Over the crashes of the fireworks though, I can also hear the music ringing throughout the park, projected through speakers hidden into the scenery, reaching the ears of everyone. It is filled with twinkles of sound, joyful melodies that guide the light show with their tunes and rhythms. When the beat of the music speeds up, the fireworks accompany it, escalating in volume. When the composition dawdles down, the pops and thuds also soften. Along with each and every clamor of noise comes the blissful “ohs” and “ahs” of the crowd. The children, so amazed, are at a loss of words for the first time in the whole day, except for their sighs of astonishment. Each individual nearly silent, the crowd is only audible together, an ensemble of reactions to the display.

Swirling through the air are some of the most satisfying and mouth-watering scents. An aroma of sweet, melted sugar floats into my nose as a bright cart of feathery bubble gum pink cotton candy is pushed by. A few minutes later, a family passes, each carrying a container of fluffy yellow popcorn. That familiar scrumptious smell of the buttery treat wafts through the air. Trailing every person that strolls by, a new aroma drifts along with them. Once the fireworks initiate, the scents of the delicious food become over masked by the odors of the explosions in
the air. The smog and smoke drift down until they are breathed in, smelling somewhat like a campfire in the summer at a backyard barbeque. Towards the end, the fragrance of the fire in the sky becomes more powerful, the smoke so abundant I can see it. I breathe it in, feeling the tingle of the smoke lingering inside my nose. But then, as the minutes pass the air becomes clear once again when the wind produces a slight breeze that sets the smoke in motion and it drives it away. The breeze erases any evidence of the spectacle. Emerging from the smog comes the memorable aroma of the sugary sweets and mouth-watering refreshments.

Sitting there watching the show, it is nearly unattainable for me to resist the temptations of the delectable indulgences passing by on brightly decorate carts, lit up enough to be seen from anywhere in the park. The choices are endless. There is fluffy pink cotton candy that melts in your mouth, leaving behind the most sugary taste. An option of frozen lemonade cups is also available, chilling my tongue with a sour but sweet bite. Or even the brittle buttery bits of popcorn, possibly the popcorn polished with a golden brown coating of caramelized sugar, adding a syrupy taste to the butter. Another option is the crunchy but chewy churros, covered with layers of sugar and cinnamon, overwhelming my taste buds with flavor. More of these endless choices include the swirling lollipops the size of my entire hand, or the gooey chocolate chip cookies and rice crispy treats in the shape of Mickey’s head. There is such a variety of appetizing treats to choose from, each and every one of them containing their own individual flavor, temperature, size, color, and shape. They can be sugary sweet, spicy and thrilling, filled with cinnamon, tangy, fruity, juicy, mouth-watering, or bitter.
Even though it is summer, the evening chill is still enough to get my teeth chattering. Watching the firework show, my body becomes only slightly frigid, wrapped up in the soft warmth of my jacket, helping to protect me from the frosty breeze. The heat from the person beside me radiates over enveloping me in a bubble of heat. Under me is a cozy blanket made of soft wool, defending me from the cold, solid cement of the jagged sidewalk. The closeness of the people surrounding me, all bundled up in their downy cotton Disney hoodies and jackets forms a sense of magical security, warming me to the core with joy. I can feel the magic of the entire night seeping into me, a giddy feeling beginning to bubble over into many emotions. Heating my hands is a freshly baked churro, hot out of an oven, smothered with cinnamon and sugar, the crumbs falling gently down on my hands, a rough sticky feeling like sandpaper. The sugar contrasting to the smooth texture of the wax paper gently wrapped around the treat.

All of these sensations combine together to create a sense of pure bliss and happiness. The sights and the sounds contribute to this mood along with the smells, tastes, and feeling. With the enchanted show of brilliant colors in the air and the cheerfulness and glee of everyone in the audience, I cannot help being overcome with pleasure. During those moments, everything else in the world is forgotten except for the beautiful display before me. All I can do is stare in awe of the magnificence. Watching the splendor of the demonstration, I realize it truly is the happiest place on earth.

The author's comments:
Our teacher gave us a prompt to describe a place and it was suggested to choose one that is important or special. I chose Disneyland because it is one of my favorite places in the world.

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