My Life, as Told by a Kid

November 25, 2010
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Chapter 1.
In a time to far for me to remember. A time when there were vampires, ware wolfs, dragons, and witches existed two beautiful people met in a world so terrible. Ok so I lied it wasn’t that far into time but they were two beautiful people and they did live in a world so terrible at the time. There was a lady named Sirrena. She was absolutely beautiful, tall, athletic, slender, long blonde hair well that is until she cut it in the sixth grade.
Anyways back to my point, she also had brown and hazel eyes. And the other person is a guy named Alan. Now Alan was a handsome guy very attractive short dark brown hair, tall, he was chubby but now he is skinny, blue eye’s, and strong. Now both of these people love each other and care for each other very much. But see it just didn’t just happened just like that. Like they just looked at each other and they fell in love. let me take you through their life’s and you will see how what we know today as the “love birds” or at least that’s what they call them.
“Hey you guys what’s up’’?
“Nothing much Sirrena what about you”
“Just hanging around”.
Alan walks past them.
They all stare then turn back around and started laughing.
“Ewe did you just see that guy’’
“Yeah he is so ugly and he smells too”.
“Well hey I got to get to class be for the bell rings ill see yall later.” Sirrena said while on here way to class.
So she went to class with a fake smile on her face.
See ever since the middle of the 5th grade her parents were getting a divorce. She tried to for get about it all but it was kinda hard to.
So for now she went to school with a fake smile on her face. Any ways so she went to class and she met a new friend. And her name was Cody. Yeah it was a guys name but she was cool.
So every day in Sirrena’s first period her and Cody would talk a bout red neck stuff is what they called it. One day Sirrena got a pass to go to the band room and it was getting close for the bell to ring so she brought her stuff with her. She was on her way to the band room when Alan ran passed her and purposely knot her stuff out of her hand. She didn’t know it but he did that just so that he can have a chance to talk to her. In his mind she was the prettiest girl he had ever seen. And to him it was like love at first sight. She looked at him and said “what in this world is your problem. How can you knock stuff out of a girls hand like that Are you crazy. Leave me alone I can pick up my own stuff. you freaken jerk.” She angrily told him but not loud enough for every one to hear her. She hated Alan ever since that day. She got to the band room right when the bell ranged. By now she was mad and didn’t want any one to mess with her. When she sat down for class and got her clarinet ready to play, a guy named Cody abbot was in the gym. She suddenly got a big smile on her face. And not a fake one at that. Now see Sirrena and Cody go way back to like pre-k.

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