The Fear Before the Music

November 23, 2010
By smacc96 BRONZE, Airmont, New York
smacc96 BRONZE, Airmont, New York
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I felt like I was going to throw up, butterflies were viciously swarming my stomach. My mouth felt dry as if the desert sun had been baking over it, an acidic taste entered the back of my throat. I started to shake. All I could see was the slippery looking wood floors, with dancers’ feet drawing a picture across it. Every one’s words seemed all slurred together, one word ran into the next; I couldn't discern one word from the other. I had to keep going through the dance in my head to keep me grounded. I could smell the anxiety and anticipation in the air; nerves flew off my skin like little gnats in the summer. My head felt hot as if I was standing over a simmering campfire. Somehow, under all those nerves I was swept onto the stage by an unknown force. Without realizing, I found my position on the stage. I could feel my legs trembling with fear. Tremors shot up my body, through my stomach and into my hands. I couldn’t stop them from moving; I forced my hand onto my hips to keep them still. I thought, ‘that’s it, I’m definitely going to throw up now.’ The taste of bile permeated across my tongue. As I stood there, the stage lights blinded my vision. The stage was rich with the aroma of sweat from the dancers before me. Everything continued to move in slow motion. Then, I heard the first note of the music. My body started to move as if I was no longer in control; all of a sudden all the nerves had a refreshing flush like an ice cold shower after being in the blazing sun. My body lifted, my feet moving, as if they had a mind of there own. There I was, as my body absorbed the music, my fear and anxiety vanished. I was lost in the joy and movement of the music.

The author's comments:
I want opinions on my writing piece. I want to know if I should enter in a contest.

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