The 100th Year

November 23, 2010
It was a bone chilling October evening in 2009. It was me and my brothers with my dad in the driver’s seat. We were going to the local armory to have a lock in with the boy scouts. This though was not a regular troop gathering. This was a jamboree troop lock in. We were from all around the state going to go on a trip of a life time. The trip was to Washington D. C. for four days and then go to ford A.P. hill for ten days for a 100th anniversary celebration.

We got there and I saw a scout from my regular troop, Jeremiah. Jeremiah said hello and went on with his own business. I had met a few people before from other camp outs. I knew Matt, Danny, and Mark Dosh, otherwise known as Dosh. We played dodge ball all night. In the process I met miles and josh. Then we all went to sleep for what remained of the night.

The next day we woke up and cooked breakfast. It was a wide array of cereal and oatmeal. We couldn’t use the gym because a remote control car group was using it today. So we had to play board games in the cafeteria. They split us up into patrols or groups after an hour and we decided on our patrol yell, name, and a gateway design witch would be placed in the entrance of our camp site. We had decided on the shark patrol. When we finished we had more free time witch I spent talking to josh. After an hour we ate lunch. I josh and miles then went into the gym and watched remote control cars wiz past us. They are a lot faster than I thought.

I then got bored and went into the cafeteria. I saw people playing risk and went over and watched for a while. Dosh was playing and hollered, ”David you want to play,” and I said “ya sure why not.” So I started playing and it took up the rest of the time.

This story may not seem like but the thing I was trying to get at is this trip started out as me knowing 6 people out of forty. At the end I knew the whole troop. I think this was a great learning experience. I had a blast and now have went to the jamboree this last July.

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