High School

November 23, 2010
By hannah munson BRONZE, Cottage Grove, Minnesota
hannah munson BRONZE, Cottage Grove, Minnesota
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“Where is my bus stop again?” I questioned as I was walking out the door. My dad answered with,

“Down the street to the left, then when you get to the stop sign take another left and stop at the stop sign. By the way have a great first day of High School sweetie!” I glanced down the street to see if anymore kids were walking but I guess I was the only one. When I finally got to the bus stop it took the bus an extra 15min to get to our stop.

After I climbed aboard the bus I saw a lot of familiar faces, I also saw a lot of seniors. I slouched in my seat trying not to make eye contact with any of them. After we picked everyone up, we were on our way. I double checked to make sure I had everything. As we pulled into the parking lot I was very nervous but excited as if I was ready to jump out the bus window.

I took my first step into the new school taking a very deep breath.

“In, then out,” I thought to myself. I walked up the first flight of stairs as the bell screamed into my ear. I realized I only had five minutes to get to my first class. I tried to speed walk as fast as I could. I go to my locker, grabbed all my stuff and sprinted back down the stairs.

I walked into my first class and noticed class had already started. I then realized that the bell I heard was really the starting bell. My face turned red as a tomato as I walked in and took a seat next to some stranger. The teacher was talking about some syllabus thing; as if I was suppose to know what that meant. She slowly made her way around the room handing them out. I figured out later that every class gave out syllabus sheets to bring home to have our parents sign.

When I finally finish my last class of the day I grabbed my bag and trudged my way to find my locker. After I grabbed all of my homework I went outside to try to find my bus. After I found it, by walking up and down the line of busses, I took a sigh of relief that the first day was finally over. When I got home from that long and boring day my dad asked me,

“So how was school?” I responded with a loud answer of,

“I ALREADY HAVE HOMEWORK IN ALL SIX OF MY CLASSES!” He chuckled and told me to get started right away.

The author's comments:
my first experience at the high school.

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