November 19, 2010
By Anonymous

why do guys ask you out, then when they are drunk there real feelings come out? and they really dont want to be with you because you wont do what they want you to. why why why:(
why do guys think its cool to hit it and then leave you in the dirt?
why do they think its sexi when you get slaped by another girl?
well you see guys are dirt bags. well not all guys. some guys are nice, kid, careing, and really love you. They others are just players. They get with you for one reason and a couple of days later they will leave and you will never see them again. omg this kind of situation has probably happened to most girls. it has happened to me to. ok i was with this one guy and he took my virginity and that night broke up with me through a text. and now hes dating my best friends sister. and if he gets to close to her im going to really hurt him because he is not doning what he did to me, to her. guys well the deffinition i have in mind for them is 1. the low lifes that do nothing but cheat, and scums that need to take a showers and clean up, (if you no what i mean) 2. the nice caring, loveable, sweet, good smelling, CLEAN.
guys really discuss me. with every action they do. and they make me really really sad

The author's comments:
why do guys do the thinks they do?

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