My Mom Might Die From Cancer

November 22, 2010
By Anonymous

Your mother is the person that cares for you the day you are born to the day she dies. But just put it this way, my mother has been very sick to the point that she might die soon, maybe before X-mas. We are all hoping that she pulls through. Just put it this way my mother has had cancer every 2 years for the past 6 years and she has been in and out of the hospital trying to get better so she can see my sister and I move on with our lives. It is like she is trying to say something like let me stay to finish my life with my kids. I hate to see her suffering from all of this cancer that is killing her on the inside. It is to the point that my sister, my father, and I are all think it might be time for her not to suffer anymore. My sister and I have been there for her tell her to try and be strong and not think negative about what is going on in her life. My mother has made to many promises that she is going to stay around to she her grand kids but I don’t think she will make it that far. The whole time this was going on she was living with my aunt. And it was Saturday that she went to the hospital by ambulance. It was because she lost too much blood and now they are trying to find away to get her better but I don’t think that this time she will make it out of the hospital. My whole family is having a very hard time dealing with what is going on with my mother. I have a feeling that she might make it but some thing is telling me that she is not coming home this time around from the hospital. My whole family has her in their prays and we always have her in mind that she is a very strong mother and she never gives up until it is time for her to go and not suffer anymore. We all know that she is hiding some thing from my whole family and I. I am hoping that she will realize that it is time to let go and to move on. I just wish I can tell her that but all she is going to she is “mom is not going anywhere I still have a long life to live.” I just wish she would let it go and spend time with everyone before it really is time for her to go and be in a place where she is happy and not suffering anymore than she is now. In the long run we all love her and we would hate to see her go but it might be time for it to happen.

The author's comments:
my mother always to me to write what is really important to me.

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