November 19, 2010
By jacqui95 BRONZE, Brandon, Florida
jacqui95 BRONZE, Brandon, Florida
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All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Some one once said that its hard to start a new life in a place were not a soul knows you, well at first I was never worried or bothered if we were going to move because we never thought of moving especially out of state until I got the news we were. It had been the best 14 years of my life, with family and friends always around you warming the house with laughter and happiness. I had lived all my life in Arizona were humidity and frizzy ness of the hair never existed, and there was never any grass around to look at when we would dive around. Have you guessed what state I am talking about…yes Florida. When I got the news that we were moving to Florida the first thing that came to my mind is that, they have crocodiles and I don’t like them. The thing that people were scared of when they were new to Arizona was the snakes and scorpions. I guess I wasnt the only one with fears of animals.

It was late December when I saw the tightly brown boxes in the living the said, Jacqueline’s clothes, that was the first signal to me that we were absolutely moving before the new years. As I walked through the boxed smelling like a new beginning, I looked into one of the boxes with picture frames and album books all when me and my brother we so small. As I looked into these pictures they all had a different memory that came along with ever picture that I looked at like a package. I put the picture fame down and didn’t bother to pack. I went straight into my room trying to not think about the situation. I heard my names called at earshot and went to the living room to see what my mom needed me to do. She replied and said that I needed to put all of the little things that this brown smelly box can hold. She handed over the box and I denied, I told here “ I don’t want to move with you” I headed straight into my room and I continued what I was doing. A couple weeks went by as the clock kept ticking and the boxes kept multiplying too. Every time I would enter the living room I was always visited by more and more boxes.

My alarm clock rang on cold Saturday morning, everything looked so perfect the windows fogged and the heater going as it made the house the warmest feeling. I noticed that a little of my stuff was gone and went into the living room not surprised of how many boxes there were, to find my stuff in a box labeled Jacqueline’s stuff. I quickly headed to the box and started unpacking; my mother came around the corner from the kitchen to see what all the noise was about. She looked unsurprised that I was unpacking and came over to me and said “honey we only have 4 more weeks till we move…” those words hit me so hard I felt scared. Everything that I have worked at so hard to keep my family and friends so close and never to go away, this time I was the one moving from the place that was the nicest to me. I kind of thought about it on the positive side… wait for me there wasn’t a positive side. I tried to bribe my mom to keep me here with my aunt who also tried to persuade her in to letting me stay at her house until I graduated. She on went to say that my cousins needed help in math and that I could help them, and also that I would always bring very good grades on report card season. But still the same terrifying word came out of her mouth “NO!”
Christmas was around the corner and we were all excited to go to my aunt’s house to see all the presents and Christmas tree. Truly since I knew that I was moving I learned to appreciate the moments better than presents. You wont always have objects to please you but what you will have around is your family. I learned that on Christmas day and tried to make that day the most cheerful day, so that I could remember for the rest of my life. We all came through my aunt’s door to find the family on chairs talking and eating all with smiles on there faces. The atmosphere was the most cheerful I had ever seen it and I loved it. It came time to open our presents not caring about them, I look around and thought to myself, wow I’ve been missing out on all of this, not appreciating any of this only happy with the gifts I get. I opened my eyes that day, to realize that I had the best family in the world.

After that day I finally decided to pack and got all my stuff. I got finished with it three days later. The next stop was to give the dogs away. I think that the saddest thing that could ever happen to a person is them giving there pet away to someone they don’t even know and giving it to them for free. As we meet a lady at the parking lot she took the dogs away, were up to this day we haven’t seen them. A couple days later we put everything in the back of my dads truck and headed off. We left Arizona days later hoping that we can make the best of what we are going to get.

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