The Ultimate All Purpose Excuse

November 17, 2010
You know that feeling. It is like you forgot something. It is almost like you got a brick on top of you. I just had that feeling and I knew exactly what it was I did not watch the chickens. Normally remembering what you forget is a relief. Today, the opposite was true. The pressure would not stop building. That was soon evident to me. That unless Coach made a game plan change, that the Browns would not make it to the Super Bowl. It appeared to me that the candy bar wrapper was coming off before I reached the checkout. I made a quick correction the south-east increasing the speed to 230 knots. I radioed my squadron telling that then that the deuce would be dropped ahead of schedule. My last contact was to remain in formation and I would make my way to port John on a solo mission. Nearly reaching Cousin Lou, the gopher was playing an intense game of peek-a-boo. I was sure that he was going to win when I rounded the last corner, relief was finally in sight. Finally plopping down on The Throne, I landed that eagle in a fashion even the pilots of the Air Force would be proud of. I will not go into details but you could say Touchdown was “Splashtacular.” After making such giant leaps for man that were only small steps for mankind, I was understandably exhausted. The following recovery was one typical to there near death experiences. I hurried it along as best as I could but I was a minute late and a load short.

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