November 8, 2010
By AshleySteve GOLD, Kolkata, Other
AshleySteve GOLD, Kolkata, Other
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Another night with friends. Another Saturday night partying with friends. I looked at the mirror for the last time before leaving. I smiled at myself. I fluffed my hair and smoothed the skirt of my black dress. Although I was smiling but I didn’t know why my heart was beating so fast. I shrugged off the stupid thought out of my mind. I left for my friends hoping everything to go well.
I forgot everything about that stupid feeling on my way to the party. I was just a few minutes late. I could see my friends outside the party hall, all of them looking beautiful. I pushed my way through the crowd and stood in front of them. “Sorry for being late… Got stuck… Umm… I mean… stuck at home.” I made up quickly fidgeting and looking at my watch. But none of them answered. I looked up at them. They were all silent and glum. I felt a bit shocked. “Hey c’mon girls. I’m just a bit late. Let’s party!” I tried to cheer them up but they seemed the same. They didn’t react to my words.
“Anything’s wrong!?” I narrowed my eyes and asked them. They remained silent. All of them looked extremely horrified and shocked. I shaked Kate’s shoulder, “What happened?” I raised my voice a bit looking into her eyes.
The next thing I heard turned my world upside down. It was a bolt from blue. I didn’t know how to react. The very next moment I found myself next to Matthew’s bed, tears rolling down my eyes as I looked at Matthew with tubes all over his body. Matthew had been my first crush, rather the boy who actually taught me how to love. I waited for his chest to rise and take a breathe.
Why didn’t I tell him that I loved him!!!, I cried inside. I held his hand and recollected our memories. Tears rolling down my eyes. Matthew Aston, a normal high schooler like me had been declared brain cancer. We lost contact a few years ago when he shifted from our neighborhood. But we weren’t told about his illness until his health finally broke down and the doctors declared this day as his last day of his life. I looked at his chest and for waited some more. I could hear my friends cry behind. But I didn’t give it a damn. You can’t leave us alone. C’mon Matt. You need to make your dreams come true, I told myself.
But he didn’t respond. He laid numb, eyes shut. He left us alone in this world.
The next day I found myself at his funeral, still not believing what had happened last night. Even today, when he’s not with me, I sometimes cry in dark coz I couldn’t tell my feelings about him.
P.S Always express your love.

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