Hardly a Nub

November 16, 2010
By Lawlopatamusasaurusrex BRONZE, North Wales, Pennsylvania
Lawlopatamusasaurusrex BRONZE, North Wales, Pennsylvania
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It was an exceptionally warm night in the summer. The sun was setting, the dark was rolling in, and everyone was tired and just about ready to pass out. My Dad, my brother, and I were all relaxing on the family sofas in our most comfortable room, not including the bedrooms. Kyle, my brother, decided to flip on the tele. We were surfing through the channels, and all of a sudden, we paused. We hastily noticed that A.F.V was on and, like a bat out of hell; we all agreed that this was easily the best choice of show to watch. In the beginning of the program, we saw your average, pop out of nowhere and scare the person, and the, groom passes out stuff. Almost every single clip was either lame, a repeat, or didn’t make any sense. Everyone watching was saying, “Come on! Why aren’t there any funny videos anymore?”
And right after that, there was yet another lame video. However, my Dad commented on the stupid clip, making the film something to laugh at. And he managed to make me laugh so hard that I fell off the couch. As I inhaled, to catch my breath, the mouth-watering aroma of chocolate milk wafted into the family room.
My Dad’s commentary was hilarious, and that’s what made this A.F.V bearable. I would tell you what he said, but it just isn’t the nicest thing to say. Just before the show came back on after a, what seemed like a half an hour break, there was a shake weight commercial. My Dad can never help himself from making fun of those. When the show finally comes back on, there’s a guy that was very close to being obese. He just says, “Looks like someone needs a shake weight.”
We all laughed; we couldn’t help it. He taunted more people through the course of the show. The cat videos were the best. That was probably because we were used to seeing cats react to stuff like that. There was one cat that was just sitting there, and something popped up and said, “Happy Halloween!” Five seconds later, the cat jumps up on his hind legs, knocks it down, and runs away. You’d probably have to have a cat to think that it’s funny though. When it came time to decide the funniest three clips, none of the funny ones are picked. This is what upsets me every time. The people making the decisions must have some kind of mental impairment. I swear it, the choices were that bad. The room became quiet, and dull. The lights seemed to be dimmer. We all just left and went to bed. I was as tired as a sloth by the time that show was over.

This moment brought out a lot in me. It shows that I like to laugh and have fun. It also made me think of the boundless possibilities of things I can do with my family. In addition, it shows that my family has a sense of humor that we can express freely. Despite other altering moments in my life, this one still stands out and will remain in my memory for quite a while.

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I like to Lawls.

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