Hollywood Tower of Terror

November 15, 2010
Everyone in the lines eyes were open wide. They looked very nervous. It looked like they were going into a cage with a hungry tiger in it. Every time I saw somebody’s facial expression, I got more and more scared. It felt like the whole park was staring at me because there were open windows in the ride. I could see the view of the whole park. My heart was beating faster and faster.
One girl that was going on the ride looked at me and said, “Are you even nervous!? You don’t look like it!”
I was thinking she already went on the ride and knew it is really scary. Then I got more scared. “A little,” I said. She looked at me like I was crazy.
The ride arrived. The people that got off the ride had a big expression on their face. They looked as if the ride was really fun, but also scary. Everyone stepped on slowly, like they were scared. The ride wasn’t like a roller coaster. It was more like a room with seats in the center of it. All there was in that room was a seat, that’s it. It was as dark as a night sky. Almost as if you were blind.
We sat down in the seats. I buckled up. I made sure the strap was tied tight. I didn’t expect anything to happen yet.
“AAAHHHHH!” everybody screamed.
My heart was beating fast again. The ride would stop every floor and wait for about 15 seconds.
“AAAHHHHH!” everybody screamed again.
It dropped another floor. That same routine went on for the next 10 minutes.
When I got off the ride, right away I scanned a souvenir shop for small gifts. There were tee-shirts and things that said “Hollywood Tower of Terror.” There was also mini TV’s. They had pictures of us on the ride with our mouth opened wide. It looked like the ride was really scary by the expression on our faces.
It ended up as I actually really liked the ride. Everyone should face their fears. You never know how scary a ride is until you try it. Now, I will definitely go on scarier rides. I will also try new things. Although the ride was really scary, it was a lot of fun!

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