November 15, 2010
My math class was awesome. We had ten kids and always had fun. I had my best friends in that class, Justin, Maddie and Taylor. We always worked together and had fun in math class. We had to form a group and make a D.A.R.E game. As soon as our teacher was finished explaining the directions we all bolted to a table and gathered our supplies. Our game was coming together and a bee came in to the room I screamed and jumped like a puma. The whole class roared in laughter. I calmed down and we got back to work. Our game was like Candy Land it had question cards and a big board with pieces. I made the board Justin made the Cards with Maddie’s help and Taylor colored the board.
When it was finished we got to play it. It was a fun game. What we didn’t know is that it would be the best game of our lives.
We had just started a new game and we were all doing well. Justin was very close to the end of the path and Maddie and I were far behind. So on Justin’s next turn he got… a “Go back to start” card. Maddie and I were very happy that the game was not over yet. We took our turns and moved up the board slowly. Then on his next turn he got “Go to the last red space.” He moved his piece all the way up the board. We got very mad that he was still beating us, even though he had just gotten a “Go back to start” card.
When it came to Justin’s turn again he got “Go back to start!” I started to laugh. “What were the chances of him getting the 2/3 go back to start cards.”I thought to myself. Then, my turn came I got “Go to the nearest blue space.” I moved my piece. Maddie and I were still chuckling.
Maddie said, “When is this game going to end??!” Maddie went. She got “Move back 10 spaces.” She did as the card directed and moved her piece. Then it came back to Justin, who was at the beginning of the path now. We had five minutes left. He drew his card and it was……. “Go to the farthest green space” Maddie took her turn she got a “Question?????” card. She answered the question right and moved her piece up the board. I went and then it came to Justin’s turn. He got………… “Go back to start”
All of us erupted in laughter. Everyone stared at us. “What are you guys laughing about?”Mark asked. We tried to explain what had happened but we just couldn’t stop chuckling.
“Well Justin…” I started to say but I couldn’t overpower the chuckles and giggles.
At first only Mark heard us but as we kept going on more and more people heard our hilarity. Every time we played that game all we did was giggle and have fun.
This moment was a very funny and cool time because I got to hang out and play with my friends. This moment also shows me that I can have fun in school and that we will always remember that game.

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