My Fantastic Mom.

November 15, 2010
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Most people say that their mom is really mean. But what I think is I think that my mom is really nice to me. Because if I wouldn't have her then I wouldn't have a life because she the person that gave me life. Also what I think is that my mother is whatever she does for me and my family is because she loves us and what I mean by that is because she cooks, washes clothes, cleans the house,and she still manages to buy medicine and stay up all night when we are sick. What I think that she thinks is she does not regret having us for some reason that she is always by our side and helping us out.

The thing that I love most about my mom and how she cooks her food and she has her own recipe which I love. when she cooks her rice because its so home style and when I taste it its always making me go and take a nap which is really wired but I love it just makes me relaxed the way I love it.She cooks better than a restaurant which makes the resturant look bad. Because not even their recipe can make me take a nap and be relaxed. Also I love the way my mom cooks that makes me want to eat a other plate.Also when she cooks it makes me lick my fingers because how tasty her chicken and her smashed potato's are. Last I love the way she sets the table how she folds the napkin and how she uses a special thing to make the table look nice and glossy. Which I love when I eat I feel like I'm in a fancy restaurant.

Also what I like about my mom is how she looks and when I mean how she looks is she doesn't put a whole lot of make up on. She puts on what makes her look good and not like a clown. Like most mom's put a whole lot make up on for some reason. She looks like a model in Americas next top model but I don't mean it like that way like in Americas next top mom. But I like how she puts her glossy lip gloss that looks really pretty good on her. The other thing is how she does her hair how she straights her hair and her hair don't burn its shiny and beautiful. Also the main thing that love about her is how she does laundry. Because she puts a lot of laundry detergent and when she drays it I can smell it from the outside. Also what I love is how she puts lots of soup and when I look at the washer it looks like a bubble bath she use to do when I was only 3. The most thing out of all is how she folds my clothes and puts them in closet. And when I open the closet door I can smell the laundry detergent come rushing to my face and smell like cleaned washed mom laundry.

Last how it makes me feel when I see her when I come from school every afternoon because it just makes me feel special that I am her daughter. Also it makes me feel happy that she went through all that pain just to see me born happy and healthy also made sure she was with me every time and every day.And still today I remember she hold my hand and told me it was going to be okay the fist day of school which was really nice for a mom to do and I still thank her for being such a good mom.

And last but not least is that when she tells me how much she loves me I fell like I'm her golden child since I'm the biggest from all my sisters. And I guess she wants me to be my other sisters role model and not go though bad steps. Because then it wouldn't be good and not love me like she did and since my mom did everything for me when I was born then I'm going to do the same with her and try really hard to get what she wished for her daughter to be. And not let her down.

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