Mystery of the Heart

November 13, 2010
Dedication to: Harnell ;p

The heart is a true mystery. It is unfathomable as to what a young man can do to a poor girl’s heart; keeping her awake at night, dreaming on and on of truth and fantasy. Lost sleep is a dangerous sign of true love; one must hope to never encounter it. Once you have however, it is extremely hard, in fact nearly impossible, to escape it without conformation of truth or falsehood. I must convey that this is true and it is a very hard burden to bear indeed. Love is not just happiness, butterflies, and goosebumps. It is also heartache, torment, confusion, longing, anxiety, impatience, uneasiness, and every good and bad feeling in the world all at once. Anger is one I strive to put away but can never get myself to overlook. Love is dangerous more than happiness I conclude; marriage is happiness because you no longer have to worry about the ‘what if’s’ you experience in love, for you can just be honest and open with your spouse. Love is a dangerous thing---for it consumes you body and soul, heart and mind. It devours your time and efforts and affects your performance in regular life, especially with other people or in conversation. I advise you, dear reader, to never encounter this emotion to anyone unless certainty of marriage is a possibility in the future. Be careful, dear one…..don’t follow after me; I love you too much to see you in my own faults and agony……

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