Falling in Love With My Bestfriend

November 12, 2010
By , fremont, CA
There’s a time in everyones life when something happens and we don’t know what to do anymore. Like, falling in love with our best friend who doesn’t feel the same way, or falling in love at a wrong time. Everyone goes through that, and so do I. there’s a time that we just wanna stop helping them and tell ourselves to move on, but at the same time were still gonna keep on going and help them with whatever it is that they need. Sometimes you just wanna hit them and say “hey! Dumb head! Every night that you cry because that stupid girl you like doesn’t feel the same, you come to me. Haven’t you realize that if it wasn’t for me you probably wouldn’t be able to handle all this?” sometimes we just wanna tell them that, sometimes, we just wanna yell it out to the world and say “I love my best friend” but I guess life doesn’t work that way. When I was just a kid I thought, hey falling in love is probably one of the happiest thing that would happen in our lives, but I was completely wrong about that. Now that I’m a bit grown up, I understand that, sometimes falling in love hurts too. It hurts the most when we fall in love with our best friend, there’s something I learned about being in love with him, I learned that no matter how much you try to stop what their feeling for someone, you won’t, because if their happy your happy, and nothing else matter than that. I’m still here waiting for a chance, waiting that one day he’ll see how I really feel. I know he will never know unless I tell him, but I guess, if God wants me to be with him, It will happen, if not, I hope I’ll never lose him as a friend.

Truth is, one day I won’t be here to comfort you, truth is, one day, I won’t be here to tell you what’s right and wrong, one day I wont be here to comfort you and tell you everything will be fine. One day, I’ll leave your side. Maybe, just maybe, one day I’ll come back and tell you, I love you, and I always have and always will. That’s the truth

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