Remeber When We Loved Growing Up?

November 12, 2010
By Anonymous

Remember when pixie sticks were the only powder your mother told you to stay away from? When the only way to get high was to swing as hard as you could? When everyone shared and being a little kid was the only thing you had to worry about? When you couldn’t wait to grow up? I remember never wanting to sleep, because the day was just too great, that I didn’t want it to end. Now, I can’t wait for the night to come. I remember how time used to fly, and leaving the park was the worst thing ever. Now, I watch the clock was weary eyes, as the tick- tick – ticking, circles around my head. I remember laughing for no reason. Smiling at everyone, and how I loved to make new friends. People were kind, and everything was always fair and ‘even stevens’. When my grandma could fix everything with a single kiss, and ‘owies’ only lasted for a minute., and ‘goodbye’ really meant, ‘see you later!’ When school was fun and teachers were nice. When people expected you to make mistakes and the only time you were yelled at was, “Surprise!’ on your birthday. When boys were just boys, and crushed were on movie stars. When heart was something that just happened in the movies. When sex was not even thought about, and pregnancy was something only mommy went through. When you truly believed that everyone’s dreams came true, and love was everywhere. When it was okay to dance around in your underwear and sing loud songs. When Barnie was the smartest thing alive and Sesame Street made you laugh, instead of rolling your eyes. When every girl was beautiful and every boy was handsome, when being ‘hot’ meant you had a fever, and stickers made everything better. Isn’t it just ironic, when you waited so long to grow up, and now, you wish you could go back?

The author's comments:
Sometimes I wish growing up hadn't happened to fast...

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love it. so true :'(


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