Girlfriend and Boyfriend

November 5, 2010
By erikam42 BRONZE, Gorham, Illinois
erikam42 BRONZE, Gorham, Illinois
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As I sat there and thought about this guy. I began to wonder if we could ever be together. See this guy is like simply amazing and I’ve basically known him for all my life. I first met him my 5th grade year. He was like any other guy. Playing tag and chasing girls around the school yard. I never ever thought of him as a boyfriend just as a friend. All through middle school and the beginning of high school I never really thought of him as other than a friend. This guy was a big jock. He did was a starting football player, the state qualifier wrestler, and the track hurler in throwing.
I started texting him little by little. My reason for starting to talk to him more and more was the silly reason of wanting to wear his football jersey which may be a sort of lame reason but I didn’t actually think of that then. I never really told him the reason we actually started talking just being a friend. This guy was an amazing guy he always had something to talk about; he knew how to make me laugh when I wasn’t exactly in the greatest mood. But just something about him just seemed so right talking to him. I never thought he would date a loser like me simply because of his jock status.
As we began talking more and more I started liking him little by little. And before I knew it, we started hanging out at each other’s house, seeing him at all the football games wearing his jersey and going to the movies on Saturday night. I started to look at him more as a friend and as a boyfriend and I wasn’t for sure if he would be ok with that. I asked him one day if we could ever be more as friends. His response was “I never really thought of us being together as boyfriend and girlfriend but I suppose it’s something new we could try”. Not going to lie I was excited yet nervous at the same time. I know he never really thought of us more than just friends but him just saying we could try honestly meant a lot to me. As weeks go by we started hanging out more and more. I went to all of his football games home and away. Things started to click with us. Everything just felt so right with us and I was totally amazed by this.
The Boyfriend

This girl I just started dating is totally like whoa. I can’t honestly put to words how I feel about this girl. We have always been friends and what not but ever since she’s started texting me more and more I’ve kind of started liking her. I wasn’t going to let her know right away that I liked her. I didn’t want to scare her of since she was one of those girls who were pretty and was friends with just about everyone. She could honestly find any guy she wanted to if she tried but for some reason she was talking to me. She started showing up to my football games and I really like the thought of her being there. She made me feel like I wanted to be a better player out on the field which was a good thing. She was basically everything I wanted in a girl. I asked her to hang out and go to movies with some friends and I. She would always come and just talk to me and no one else and that meant a lot to me. One day when we were eating out she looked me right in the eye and asked me if I ever thought of us being more than friends which honestly I just wanted to say “YES!” but I tried to keep my cool and act like what a cool kid would and said “I never really thought of us being more than friends but I guess it would be something to try.” I saw the expression on her face and I could tell that she just wanted to jump up and down which was surprising to me. She gave me a smile that instantly made me melt like ice cream.

“So we are officially dating” I said.

“I guess you can say that” she said.
It kind of made we worry when she said “I guess”? She said it with a worrisome look on her face. This was very nerve racking and I didn’t know what to say or do from then on out. She just kind of had an unsure look on her face as if she wasn’t sure she wanted to be with me.

“Is something wrong?” I said to her.

“O no I’m fine just sort of nervous about this all. I’ve been in several relationships and in the end I was the one that always came out hurt. I’m just afraid is all? Don’t worry”

“So do you want to be together or just wait a little bit? Get to know each other a little more?”

“Umm I think I will be alright. Just tell me if this doesn’t feel right or just don’t want to be with me.”
So just like that we were back on again. I know her thoughts were racing threw he head going a hundred miles per hour.
The Girlfriend

This was the most amazing thing that has happened to me in such a long time. I was so excited. I tried my hardest to keep my raging emotions to myself. I knew he was a very nice guy and didn’t have a bad bone in his body. He call me every night after his football practices to tell me how everything went and what not (which honestly I didn’t know much about what he was saying since football was a foreign language to me). “Hey what’s up?”

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