Moon Journals

November 4, 2010
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Ever been told to keep a journal about the moon for thirty days? This was our exact assignment every night for homework for thirty days in my tenth grade English class. At first this was an interesting assignment to do. Keeping a journal was a task I wanted to do for a long time. Although being a teenager comes with I don’t feel like writing, oh my gosh I forgot to do it, and I am not going sit outside in the rain to look at the moon. This is typical for the average teenager. Well, so typical my whole grade said the exact same statements. Although our assignment was to record what each night’s moon looked like there was more to it. We had to add rhetorical devices in each night’s recording. At first I was like wow, I don’t even know half of these rhetorical devices to even add them to my writing. That all changed though. I started researching what each one was and how to write them correctly. Now I am going to be honest, there were some nights I used the same one over because I was lazy. Even though I choose to be lazy I was also upset with myself for more than one reason. At the beginning I thought this was going to be a piece of cake. However not sitting outside every night for the full thirty days got to me. I felt as though I was failing myself because I could not take 15 minutes or less out of my day to sit and have time to write. I enjoy writing some papers. The moon journals though I had a excitement about. I knew that if I would keep with writing them every night maybe my writing would better. That was my goal to improve my writing. Each day though my goal went down, down, down till there was no more hope. Although one fact was promising a nice F on my paper. I hated the fact of making a F, but at this point, I was too far gone in the failure section to ever redeem myself. I was more upset that I had let myself down by not bettering my writing in the long run. I realize it was only a journal but for me I looked at it in a different way from all my other classmates. The task was not a hard one, but I made it harder on myself by not sitting outside and writing. There were some nights that I had remembered to go outside and look, and when I did, I could not see the moon. The moon was not above my house like it was for some people. The stars were always out, but not always the moons. The nights that I did get to see the moon was the nights I was out and about and seen the moon. With that, writing became a task for me. The weekends were the worst though. I would forget to just look up and try and find the moon. It came time to write, and I was not sure what the moon was like for those nights. It made writing about the moon a pain not so much an enjoyment anymore. My point is I let myself down on an easy task. I also missed out on learning how to make my writing better. Overall, take every advantage you get to better yourself. Do not sit there and be the typical teenager and let yourself down. Dare to be different, more than likely it will get many farther in life than settling for the average teenager!

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