My Room's Appearance

October 27, 2010
By JackieH01 SILVER, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
JackieH01 SILVER, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
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My bedroom is my sacred burden, where I express myself to anything. I say it’s my burden, because it’s dark as midnight and has all of my clothes buried in my dresser, which is in my closet. When you walk through my door, you’ll feel a blast of water vapor; when reaching for the light switch, your fingers will come across a crucifix, reminisce of what happened to our Lord. The 35 watt lights shudder on, seeing lime green and brown colors everywhere in my room. Strolling to the left is my older version of a desk, with a 2000 Gateway computer sitting on top of it, on the right corner. Looking upon the wall, there’s my bulletin board with pictures of me when I was a tyke.

If you keep on strolling along, you’ll run into my queen size bed, that has lime green and brown polka dots splattered on it, with the same color stripes too. If you look closely on my bed, your eyes will come across a Bear-Dog, which her name is Vannilla, my stuffed animal. Yes, I do sleep with her, I got her on a road trip (can’t remember which one, I know, sad). She’ll just look at you like she’s a security camera, but don’t worry, there’s not a camera inside of her. Staring up on my wall, I have five bulletin boards that have all different themes on them. I have a family, friends, animals, sayings and nature pictures theme for each one.

Backing up, then taking a right, on the other side of my bed, you’ll sight a hint of light. Opening my dark chocolate curtains, you’ll see my crazy backyard. My back yard has a swing set, that my dad and I built together and my Brittany spaniel running vivaciously wild. Shutting my curtains back up, next you’ll see a full body mirror. I use my full body mirror every day, even when I sing and dance. I like to pretend that I’m performing in front of a crowd, like pretending that I’m not stage frightened. Right beside my mirror, I have a picture of Kenny Chesney, a newspaper from Colorado, and a picture of me on a horse taped on my wall.

Taking a step to the right is my closet. A very messy closet I should say. I have all of my sweat shirts hung up on the left side of my two dressers, in order, what I don’t really wear, to what I wear every day. Then I have a small organizer full of guy shirts, since I’m trying to change my habit of wearing them, to girl clothes, since I’m a girl. My full dresser on a typical setting inside it, except I have two drawers full of pants (one drawer pants, the other one is full of shorts and caprices). One drawer of girly shirts and on the right side of my dresser is my other girly shirts, which need to be hung. Ordered from what I don’t wear to what I wear, to beaters with sayings, then my dresses. My last drawer is all sweat pants, so technically I have three drawers full of pants.

Closing my closet doors, you’ll see all kinds of pictures of my dog Sadie. Walking around my closet, there are pictures of Mariah Carey and Brittany Spears taped on the wall; my two idols. That’s my room, a little creepy, but then, its sounds normal if you know what I like.

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