Falling into Darkness

October 30, 2010
By Anonymous

It’s cold and quiet, the silence is consuming me and I can barely feel a thing through the numbness. Sitting here in the darkness hugging my knees to my chest and watching the silent raindrops falling from black nothingness in the sky into black nothingness on the ground, I wonder if it’s the madness that’s consuming me, tearing me apart into tiny pieces until all that’s left is a mere shell as some call a body carrying not a soul but one that’s empty leaving me devoid of all emotion and feelings.
What Is this madness …it is but the fall into nothingness wherein not sad nor happy, not ecstasy nor pain nor any other thing is felt, it is wherein all feelings are but the same and where you feel not one thing.
My body, this empty shell walks on this planet with no purpose and being dead would only but be an end to this suffering of mine.
“Help me, please don’t leave me with no start nor end for this misery is unbearable “I silently say to what I believe is the divine light beyond that darkness.
And as time stopped in its tracks I felt a flicker of hope ignite my dead soul and when I looked up I saw the light and as it came closer to where I sat motionless ,my dead soul came to life and emotions begun to fill me with a new purpose of being. I found the way. I found the light.

The author's comments:
i wrote this when i was going through a really bad phase in my life and i prayed everyday for god to take away all the pain and now after about a year my life seems almost perfect and i guess its all because of my faith ...so keep the faith and don't lose hope...because time heals all wounds.

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