Being the Change-English Essay

October 28, 2010
Think of Christmas morning, of receiving presents and spending time with family. Every kid deserves to feel that joy of opening gifts on Christmas morning, but not every child gets to. The Toys for Tots Foundation, run by the United States Marine Core aims to fix that, but they can not do it alone. This organization works to be the change, and I work to aid this noble mission by building toys to donate to the foundation every year.

The Toys for Tots Foundation is a large and renowned charity foundation nationwide. The foundations main donations are toddler oriented, unwrapped toys (Toys). Because the foundation is very lenient and accepts a wide variety of items, the foundation receives many donations every year. Due to all the donations that the foundation receives year round, they have strict constraints on their deadlines for all contributions (Toys). The deadline for donations is always early December because the foundation has to round up all the donations across the nation and then distribute them so all the less fortunate kids get a toy to unwrap for Christmas. The foundation would not be so successful though, if it were not for all the groups who rush to its aid, eager to help Toys for Tots carry out their mission.

With multiple funding and aiding organizations, Toys for Tots is able to get its job done every single year. Organizations like the Department of Health and Human Services aid the foundation in raising awareness (Toys).With allies such as these, the foundation has a far reach to accomplish its goal of good will. Fundraising groups like SaveWealth aid the foundation by raising money so the foundation has more resources to accomplish its tasks. (SaveWealth). With more resources, more kids have a happy holiday. There are more than big companies involved though; the little guy makes a massive difference too.

Every year I work with my Grandfather to construct toys to donate. We build an assortment of wooden cars and trucks. Every year we build more and more. Our process starts with building and shaping the bodies. We move onto ordering the wheels and then applying a set to each vehicle. The final step is applying wood finish and then dropping them off at our nearest donation area. It is important to us that we work hard and get the job done to build these toys. We make a very large amount of toys every year so many less fortunate children can have the opportunity to have a happy holiday.

The lives of so many children in the entire nation are affected by the work I help my grandfather do. Because of the combined effort of all of these people, many less fortunate children have the chance for a wonderful Christmas, and knowing that I have affected at least one life in a positive way warms my heart to the core. This is how I work to be the change, by forging hope and joy into those who are less fortunate than me.

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