My Fall

October 26, 2010
By Carrie Radowick BRONZE, Kent, Washington
Carrie Radowick BRONZE, Kent, Washington
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Water drips down the brim of the branch as it slowly sways in the light breeze. Grass slightly damp from the pervious night dew. As I stand there eyes’ closed taking in the smell that is blanketed by the feeling of pure comfort, but is slain quickly as the cold slams into your throat. Winds lightly whispering past your ear like a friend telling you a quite secret. Numb to the rest of the world I stand there oblivious to the pains inside and outside my heart. Breath,
Another almost perfect moment slips past my lips in this utopia of mine. Swish, suddenly a gust of wind blows through me as if im nothing but a leaf being blow from place to place. Its getting cold outside I think to myself, but slightly mouthing it as my cold lips rub together light as a feather. Hands have a cold but strong grasp around me. Giving me an almost too good to be true feeling. Could I possibly take another breath and have this heart lightning moment stick with me? Breath, almost as good as last time but am brought back to earth slightly by a dogs distant bark. Breath, im back into my painless world of imaginary disbelief. Pure poetry the world is. Breath, I wish this newfound world could just take place of the one im already living. Drop, im brought down to this harsh cold reality as a dewdrop falling off the branch crashes on the back of my neck. As my new blanket of darkness is awakened by a short white puff of breath that exhales out of my lips, The world seemed to have shifted to a new place: a better place. Rain suddenly falls carelessly from the dark grey clouds, and I realize that im wrong im back in this pain filled world just waiting for something to change. Step, im one step away from that change that only happens in my perfect world, that I call Fall.

The author's comments:
I just sat down on the computer and started to write this thing. I used personal thoughts and how the weather looked outside then. I hope people get what im trying to say about how i feel and they can take it and understand and write about how they feel about something.

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