October 25, 2010
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Wish. Wish for just a moment that you are the happiest person. Don’t you wish that, that’ll happen to you on day? I know I do because anymore I feel like that saddest person. Thinking for a moment I know I’m not the saddest but someday it’ll be true.
Happy. What does that even feel like anymore? Most people think I’m happy just because I smiled or laughed. They are wrong, smiling and laughing are the tools I use to hide behind. Most of the time it’s hard to do that and I end up showing the real me, the me that people judge and don’t like.
Sadness. It’s such a depressing word, but I have sadness filled inside me. It’s something that can’t escape my body or soul. It’s a sad thing isn’t it, to me it’s not because this is me feeling normal. Weird right? People tell you to cheer up but that never works. Why, because it’s not easy doing something like that, you do it yourself.
When you wish for something that I wish for you should always remember that it can only happen with your help to guide it to the finish line. Most people don’t follow that and their wish doesn’t come true and they sit there wonder why it didn’t. Make the change you need or want.

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Emiri said...
Nov. 17, 2011 at 5:09 pm
I like your point. And your writing style. But the point's really good. How you said smiling and laughter are "tools". Do i know how that feels.... I love how you worded it. good job!
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