October 20, 2010
By JessicaLynn GOLD, Fenton, Missouri
JessicaLynn GOLD, Fenton, Missouri
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"To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all." -Oscar Wilde

My happiness stands about three feet tall, colors outside the lines, and never skips nap time. It is commonly said you learn the ways of life from your elders, but I find that the minds of young children teach me so much more. Whenever I am around kids, a smile is automatically planted on my face. Whether it is family, students, or patients; I feel content, satisfied, and inspired while spending time with children.

Hanging around my family changes my dull days to enthusiastic. I do not come from a big family, but I am however, the oldest out of all the grandkids. Although I do not know what it would be like to be the youngest, I do know I enjoy being the role model for each one of my cousins. Every year, there are several holidays in which our family gets together. However, my favorite one is Christmas. My grandpa has this tradition where every year he dresses up like Santa Claus and my uncles knock on the side of the house acting like reindeers. One of my youngest cousins, Brenn, is three years old and his facial expressions never fail to produce a grin on my face. After a couple knocks, my grandpa walks in the house fully dressed in his red, fuzzy suit and Brenn’s eyes light up and he squeezes my leg as tight as he can. “Jessi, is that Santa Claus?” he asks. “Yes, he wants to watch you open your presents!”, I answer. He then rushes over to the tree eager to open each and every one of his gifts. Watching his excitement and joy over the whole process amazes me and part of me wishes he will stay young forever. My little cousins, like Brenn, show me that a content life solely is based on believing in the things you love and cherishing every moment of them.

Not only do the toddlers of my family warm my heart, the children within a second grade classroom never fail to do the same. Being enrolled in the tutoring program at school has opened up many pleasant opportunities to be around young students. Twice a week, I help out in two second grade classrooms at Kellison Elementary. When I wake up and know I am going to Kellison before school, I become anxious and giddy. When I first walked into the classroom, I was nervous they would not like me. However, I received the exact opposite response. Immediately, the little girls would give me hugs and the little boys would constantly be telling me jokes. It has been three weeks and my favorite thing to hear is “Miss Jessica, can you help me with this problem?”. I find myself becoming satisfied with my day once one of those kids figures out a problem all by themselves. I knew that being around young children was a favorite of mine, when I would go back to high school after a day of tutoring and wish I could go right back and help out at the Elementary school all day. The young minds fascinate me and every day I enjoy more and more watching their knowledge expand.

My love for kids did not fully develop until I was away from my family, out of a classroom, and stepped into a hospital. While I have always considered becoming a pediatrician when I grew up, I had no idea what it would be like. So, I went on to career shadow a doctor within Children’s Hospital. The experience was one of a lifetime. Spending time with the young cancer patients melted my heart and instantly I knew I had to become a doctor. The way they smiled and laughed about normal every day things and their positive, gentle attitude inspired me greatly. I realized that life does not have to be perfect in order to find happiness.

When asked the question, “What makes you happy?” I do not have to hesitate and think about a certain food, activity, or vacation I went on; I merely just look around at all of the kids present in my life. I would not change a day to be without them. Kids are my source of bliss, satisfaction, and inspiration. Through my happiness, I gain knowledge every day and continue to learn through adolescence. Being with children has taught me to always have faith, never give up, and while holding onto a small child’s hand, I find life to seem a lot more simple.

The author's comments:
This was an essay I wrote for my senior composition class. The prompt was "What makes you happy?"

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