The Moment

October 14, 2010
We step off the buses, solemnly looking around ourselves at our peers. We form circles and mentally run through what we are here to do. Then the inspirational speech comes, but it isn’t needed. This is what every day, every hour; every minute of rehearsing has been leading up to. This moment, this opportunity, and we will do everything it takes to be perfect. Nothing matters but this. The drill that has been embedded in our minds since the beginning of August, the music that runs through our heads every moment we are awake, that’s all we can afford to think about, because this is it. All the sacrifices, late nights of homework, seemingly endless rehearsals, they are a source of pride and confidence right now, because this is it. Every one of us, however different we may be, are functioning as one now. Those who joke endlessly about everything in life, are silent, they know that we can’t do this individually, and they’ve assumed the responsibility of becoming part of The One. Lines are formed, drum taps giving. Beads of sweat run down every face, not from heat, but in anticipation. The rhythmic movement of our feet contradicts the racing of our hearts. We move forward as one, closer and closer to the moment. Each individual finds there place as a part of the whole. Drum taps cease. Adrenaline courses through the veins of each one of us, but we remain frozen, as if movement is beyond our capabilities. Then it comes, the moment. The puppeteers subtly move their hands, each one in unison, preparing each puppet for what is to come. The muted counting begins. 1.. ..3.. ..1..2..3..4, Step.

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