To Hell with Roommates: A Manifesto on Why I Wish I Had a Single Room

October 25, 2010
By Henry Nguyen BRONZE, Quincy, Massachusetts
Henry Nguyen BRONZE, Quincy, Massachusetts
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College dorming can be a great experience for some people because it’s a chance for new people to meet and bond, and maybe become very great friends. To strengthen the brotherly love between roommates though, some rules need to be laid down in the room first. These rules can range from cleaning up the underwear lying around the floor to not eating each other’s ham & cheese Hot Pocket. Some roommates are respectful of the rules of the room while others are just inconsiderate. No one is perfect so their corner of the room isn’t always spotless, but they should still keep their mess to a minimum.

How would you feel if your roommate ate the last ham & cheese Hot Pocket that you bought yourself and were saving for lunch? You would be pissed! Just because someone lives in the same room as someone else doesn’t give them the right to anything they want in the fridge. Since some students are in college now, their parents don’t provide support for them anymore, so anything that they buy is with their own cash. Imagine going to class all day and studying all night, while holding down a job at your local super market. All that hard work earning money for necessities, like food, is going to waste because your roommate thinks that it’s okay for him to eat your Hot Pockets and all your other food whenever he feels like it. When your roommate finishes that scrumptious ham & cheese Hot Pocket of yours, he doesn’t clean up after himself. You tell him to not eat your Hot Pockets anymore, and he goes and eats your chicken-flavored instant noodles. Then you tell him to relax with the instant noodles and he goes back to eating the Hot Pockets.
Not only do the dishes pile up, but so do the clothes on the floor. Some people are so lazy that they don’t even clean their clothes after wearing them. Instead of hanging the shirt back up or folding the jeans, the clothes just end up on the floor. They entire room looks like a huge mess if all the people in the room throw their clothes everywhere. Not only are there clothes on the floor, but shoes are all over the place too. One pair might be at one end of the room while the other pair is at the other end. Or one pair might be in the common area whereas the other pair is in the bathroom. If the shoes aren’t put into a corner and are in the middle of the room, someone might trip over the shoes and hit their shin off the corner of the bed. Ouch.

Some people leave their garbage all over the floor. They attempt to throw their trash into the trash can but it doesn’t go in, and then they don’t even bother picking up the trash. I like to shoot paper balls in the trash can with my scrap papers. Who doesn’t? I miss the trash can sometimes when I’m shooting paper balls into the can, but I get the rebound after a miss. Sometimes I pick up the paper balls and shoot around some more until I make the shot. This can range anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes. It’s not that hard to walk over to the trash can to pick up the trash that falls out. Sometimes, food is lying on the floor instead of paper balls. Some roommates don’t do their share of the chores, like bringing out the trash. They contribute to the trash too, so they should be bringing the trash out to the dumpster every now and then. Who do they think I am? The garbage man?

Sleeping in college is one of the most important things to maintain because sleeping is awesome, and because it helps you do well in academics, sports, and other things. It’s hard to stay awake in class when one is only getting five hours of sleep a night because the roommates are being inconsiderate. It’s also hard to stay awake when the professor’s lectures are boring too, but this is another topic that will not be covered at this time. If one is falling asleep in class, one will probably learn nothing and fail when it comes time for an exam. No one wants an exam with an F on it. Everyone wants the A on their paper so that they can put it up on the fridge. The discourteous roommates play games all day and then start homework when you go to sleep. And when you’re lying in bed trying to sleep, they’re either listening to “Teenage Dream” really loudly or they’re talking to their friends on the phone or through web chat.

Having roommates at college may be a blast, but one might want to consider the downsides first before dorming at school or asking for a room with other students. Without any roommates, one can study diligently in their room, and do whatever one wants and not have to worry about someone else’s mess. You can have all the privacy that you want. Some college students are very sloppy and don’t know how to take care of their environment, but not all students are like that. I guess their mothers never taught them how to do chores around their room. If one happens to be assigned to the same room as a slob, good luck.

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