The Act of Cleanliness

October 25, 2010
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Pet Peeves are those little things in life that really annoy or frustrate you. They can be things that aren't designed or made correctly, or things that people do that just aggravate the heck out of you. I have many pet peeves that really grind my gears that really push my buttons. Whether it’s at school or walking down the streets, it’s the little things that tick me off and makes me want to start screaming out loud. Once you really start thinking of it, it makes you wonder, what drives people to do the things that they do. Honestly. The number one pet peeve that pisses me off is when people take a break to go to the bathroom, but actually don’t complete the trip by not stopping at the most important part of the journey, the sink.

So as you all know, I think it’s fair enough to say that it is disgusting and dirty to go to the bathroom and not even bother to stop by the sink and wash their hands. Seriously how can you be that filthy and vile? I really don’t understand what the big deal is, I mean you got a sink in the bathroom for a reason, lets all be good people and use it productively. There should be no excuse whatsoever to not wash your hands, I would understand if you didn’t have hands or you were to short to reach the sink and you didn’t have a step stool, but other than that you got to wash up.

Now it's not like I go looking for people. But it's pretty obvious when someone exits the stall or urinal area without taking a path to the sink. Now we’re talking about all sorts of guys. Guys that are office workers dressed in fancy suits, construction workers, thugs, and even little kids. IT’S DISGUSTING! This is how people spread germs and end up getting sick. These people EAT with those hands! They shake OTHER people's hands! And they touch doorknobs and other things that you or I may interact with. Take a moment and think about the next person that you come in contact with, think about where their hands have been. For all you know that individual’s hand could have been on their junk before giving you an “OH YEAH! HIGH FIVE!” Now lets get this straight, we’re talking about dudes not washing their hands, how about the ladies. I know I can’t picture a girl going to the bathroom and not washing their hands…oh wait I just did, OH MAN EWWW!

Okay, don’t think I forgot about you ladies! Let me begin if anything I believe that women should probably be more cleaner then men. Now getting into the act of men and women have proper manners is another story for me to tell, but for now I’m going to stick with hand washing. Women should never walk out of a bathroom without washing their hands. In fact I can’t picture women even going to the bathroom, right men? Us men can all relate that we cannot picture women going to the bathroom and lets see…. um…pooping. Anyways women can be all charming and pretty, but they CANNOT BE DIRTY! You know what I’m saying?

So next time you see someone that just so happened to pass up on the sink, man or women, gangster or skater, boy or girl, don’t be afraid to tell that person to wash their hands. We don’t need anyone getting sick because some idiot decided I’m too lazy to walk over and wash my hands. My mom always told me to wash my hands after I go to the bathroom, so lets make our mother’s proud and do everybody a favor and be clean. I hope I don’t have to hear someone say, “I didn’t wash my hands because I didn’t urinate on them” seriously that’s outrageous! So all you men and women out there, lets think about what we need to do after we go for a bathroom break. Remember wash your hands thoroughly and smile when you look in the mirror. . Your day will already be better.

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JGSMEEN said...
Nov. 3, 2010 at 6:03 pm
WOW! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE The Act of Cleanliness. This is a subject that I totally believe should be taught to all kinds of people, whether you are young or old. I think that everyone should follow the code of conduct. Something that is taught by when we are young should not be forgotten. For those who haven't read this article, or seen Barney(he really teaches us to wash our hands) should absolutely read this! ROCK ON MAN! \~/ :-D
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