October 25, 2010
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On the day I got Pappy, he was in the middle of the street about to get hit by a silver Ford Taurus. Thankfully, the driver saw him and stopped. After that my grandma went out side and got him out of the street. She called my mom and went to go take him home. I came home and Pappy was there he was a standing ball of fluff with many colors.

When we got him he was four years old, on April 2, 2001. My mom told me that he was a pappone so I named him Pappy. Three weeks had passed and one day when I came home the police where there. They stated to me that Pappy had to go home and then took him away from me. I cried for week over that.

Later that month my grandma saw him in the same position again. Instead of calling my mom she took him back to the owner’s house and saw a sign that stated FOR SALE in the front yard. In addition to this, she found out that they had moved and left Pappy behind. Then she called my mom and took Pappy to my house and when I came home he was there. After that we got to keep him.

Years went by like a summers sunset. In the year 2005 we brought home another dog named Muggs. Pappy and Muggs talked to each other like they knew each other forever. Pappy would help Muggs find the water and food bowl, and they would also play with each other all the time. When we got to 2007 we got anther dog named Abby. They all got along good, they should seeing as how Abby was Muggs’s sister.

2009 was the horrible year, in December 10,2009 when Pappy died, we let all the dogs outside and only Pappy didn’t come in. I asked Abby where Pappy was and she took me to the dog pen and he was buried in snow. The next day we went go get a tombstone that said “the family chain has been broken but as god calls us one by one the chain will link again.” At 7:35 we had “funeral” for him. Since then life with Abby and Muggs have been fun,Although, i still miss Pappy.

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