This I Believe

October 25, 2010
By Anonymous

This I believe friends are important. I believe having friends and keeping them for as long as possible is very important in life.To begin, friends are there to talk to. Everybody wants someone to talk, whether they admit it or not is another story. In addition, friends are there for you to hang out with. Spending time with your friends helps you become more social.Did you know that friends can make you feel better? Well, they can, and when you have had a bad day they are there. Friends are very important in life!

Whenever you need someone to talk to, talk to your friends.Whether you want to vent to them, or just want to share a few secrets your friends are there to listen. Friends can relate to you and how you feel. Sometimes, friends can even give “better” advice than a parent can. They understand you “better” because, they may be or may have just gone through the same things that’s happening to you at the time. I know this because, I give advice to my friends and in return, they do the same. After talking to your friends, you feel better and “helped”. So talk to a friend and see what I am talking about.

Getting tired of hanging around the house all day long? Friends can “fix” that. Together with friends, you could attend a movie, have a sleepover, and even just hang at each other's house. By, hanging with your friends, you become social and then are invited to more activities with people. For instance, you could be invited to go to the mall, attend a football game, and even be invited to grab a bite to eat. When you hang with your friends, you get a “break” from being with your family. Sometimes family needs a break from each other. Get out of the house and do something. Being social can’t hurt you. Try to be social sometime.

Friends can make you feel better. If you have had a bad day or you just want to talk to someone, friends are there. Making you laugh, and cheering you up is one thing friends are good at. You can usually tell your friends anything. Along with telling them who you like, you can tell them how you feel. Most friends, or the good ones at least, can keep your promises forever and ever. I know I can trust my friends, that’s why they are my friends.

As you can see, friends are very important in life.Good friends are there for you when you need them. Be friends with the people you want to be your friends with. Instead of being friends with the “popular group” who you think are “cooler”, be friends with the people you connect with and that represent you. Be proud of your friends! I know I am. This I believe friends are important!

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