Good Night, Bad Choices

October 25, 2010
By Beastity BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
Beastity BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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One Friday night, I went to a Columbine vs. Dakota Ridge football game. I had been having a lot of fun hanging out with all of my friends and watching the intense game. We had been doing really well in the game and it went into overtime. The last play of the game, we scored and won! Everybody was having a blast and was overcome with excitement! The game had ended in a miraculous way. The players were ecstatic about the win against their rivals.

When the crowd began to leave, my sister and I met up and decided to go to Buffalo Wild Wings for celebration. We were heading to the car when my sister’s friends met up with her and came along with us for the celebration dinner. As we were leaving the parking lot, about to turn, I noticed my friend C.J. walking up the sidewalk. I yelled to him and he dashed to the car for a ride home. Right in time he jumped in and we took off. C.J. had been overjoyed to be given a ride home and come to dinner with our group.

After dinner, we got home and C.J. and I told my mom that we were going to C.J.’s house to workout for a bit. My mom, not knowing we were planning to go to 24- hour fitness, said that that would be fine. When we left my house and headed toward 24- hour fitness, we ran to get warmed up and go faster. We walked through the door and snuck toward the equipment. While we were working out we felt crazy and we were filled with adrenaline from the pump music and by the fact that it was 1:45 am., past curfew! When we finished up or workouts, we went into the saunas to chill out and hang for a while. All of a sudden my phone started to ring. Our stomachs dropped at the sound of my phone.

I answered my phone casually, trying not to scare my mom. “Where in the world are you? I told you to be back an hour ago!” Is what she yelled through the phone. I answered, “We’re finishing up mom I’ll be home in a bit.” After I got off the phone, C.J. and I ran home as fast as we could to try not to get in trouble. We were so afraid of me getting caught by my mom that we didn’t even think of curfew or how many cops were out. We ran out towards the end of the parking lot and saw two cops drive by slow. We started to walk so they wouldn’t notice. Thankfully they didn’t notice us and kept driving.

C.J. and I ran past the street and could see our back fences. We thought we were free! Right as we came out from the shadow from the store we were hiding by, we bolted for our back yards. We came to the street and just as we were crossing, we heard a siren from behind us. The sound of the siren made my fear explode! He stepped out of the car telling us to have a seat. We tried to talk our way out of it but it didn’t work. We had to tell him what we were doing and where we were coming from. After our story checked out, they called our parents and made them come pick us up. I knew the second I heard the siren that I would be grounded for a long time.

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