The Colors of the Circles

October 24, 2010
i cant feel my body anymore, its gone numb.
i only barely see the reflection of my face going down to rest in my arms, dragging my head close behind it.
its amazing what all the world expects of you, all of the things it expects you to achieve.
especially if you are a girl. girls are shoved into society's mold, forced in by eager man hands. guys are ready to see what girls look like once theyve plastered 3 lbs of foundation, eye liner, eye shadow, concealer, mascara, eye brow color, lip stick among countless others, all over their faces, just for society to except them.
i hate it when you along with the 30 other girls, are getting dressed after P.E, and you take out your make-up bag and start applying.
your head shoots up when you hear laughing, you see the other girls have $19.95-water-proof mascara and $34.95 foundation from rebel london.
you start to feel self-conscious about your $1.50 'love my eyes' mascara from walmart.
embarrassed, you slip it back into your bag and run away, tears streaking your face.
the fact of the matter is, girls put pressure on other girls to be just as beautiful as they are, or beat you down if you look better than them. and guys encourage the whole thing

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luvtaylor16 said...
Oct. 28, 2010 at 12:01 pm
that is so true, i am 14, and im not yet aloud 2 wear makeup, and ppl say i would look sooo much better w/ makeup on, it is stupid, God gave me this face, and i am not going 2 interupt it. it looks good the way it is. love this piece
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