We All Hate Your Kids

October 22, 2010
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One thing that really pisses me off is screaming children. Everyone does, they just won’t admit it for fear of being called a “bad person”. For those of you who disagree with me, shut up, kick your own ***, swallow your pride, and listen for once in your ignorant life. A screaming child is any child trying to cause a scene. They will kick, punch, yell, bite, spit, puke, and cause a general ruckus until they get your attention. Here is some news for you: a screaming child is trying to annoy you, plain and simple as that. They scream to get what they want, and they know they are going to win, especially if they know about child abuse laws. Don’t let them win. All it will do is raise them to be a bad person (more on that later).

Who hasn’t come across this scene: you’re walking down the street, trying to remember that short cut to your job/store/hair stylist/drug dealer when you come across a small family out front of a toy store/McDonalds/Chuck E Cheese. The kid is begging his/her parents for a toy/kids meal/5 hours of fun. The parents, most likely hung over from a night of drinking, are denying the child access to said structure. So what does the kid do? He starts screaming load enough to break the sound barrier. Meanwhile, your 20 feet from them with a raging head ache from trying to get to your destination, and this kids screaming isn’t helping. At this moment, three things are probably going through your mind along with unbearable pain: I’m going to be late for my meeting at said place, these parents suck at parenting, and that this child’s screaming sounds slightly better than Lady Gaga’s latest album. This situation sound familiar?
This exact situation is why a screaming child who is with his parents annoys me to no end. I wish they would get a hold of their child’s behavior. Most of them are just too terrified of being branded with committing “child abuse.” Here is some news for you: forget it when you’re in your own home. When I was growing up, there was no problem with giving your child a spanking, and I will tell you this; if my parents hadn’t, I would have turned out to be a much worse person. It instills one of the greatest fears in their tiny little heads; a primal fear of pain and suffering. A fear that they should never do anything wrong for fear of unleashing a fury so terrifying they wet themselves. Fear is your friend in raising a child. Is that so wrong? The answer is no, regardless of what the government wants you to believe. Without that fear, kids grow up to be druggies, drug dealers, criminals, serial killers, and politicians. No parent wants there child to end up like that (also, don’t let them be a lawyer, or else they might end up suing you later in life for child abuse).

This is all presuming that you are in the private sanctum known as your house. This is because, if you’re in public, you are screwed. There are no if, ands, or buts, you cannot win. Outside, you can and will be reported for any type of “physical abuse.” That, in my book, is complete bull ****. A child needs to learn right from wrong, and how else are they supposed to? This is especially dangerous if they find out that they can get away with things when they are in public. First thing they do is screaming until they get what they want, then they start taking what they want that you cannot provide. It turns into a vicious circle ending in one of 3 scenarios. First, you’re broke and the kid wants more. Second, you’re broke and the kid starts stealing what you don’t have. Third, you’re broke, your kids dead, and you’re wanted for all the crimes he/she committed and framed you for. You cannot win in this fight. Because of this, I would recommend instilling this primal fear at a young age in the safety of your own home. Do it before they can start walking if you can; much less chance of them creating a scene on the streets.

Law enforcement does nothing to help either. Thirty seconds into the situation stated above, a police officer walks by. He, in typical police fashion, pays no attention to the child and focuses on the non-white people on the street, figuring out what false crime he could accuse them for. Only after realizing there is no crimes possible right now, he finds the kid. At this point he is thinking two things: the child is probably going to grow up to be a criminal and the parents are probably going to be arrested for child abuse eventually. Then he simply walks away. No help at all in this situation. If anything, he might ticket the parents for noise pollution.

I will say it again: fear is your friend when raising a child. The only one who can help you is you. Make the child fear you. A frightened child is one less terror in society. Now can you do us all a favor? Get your children to shut up so we all can stop being addicted to headache medication?

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bobmarley917 said...
Nov. 1, 2010 at 6:24 pm
I think this a good piece of writing. I think alot of people would agree to.
bobmarley917 said...
Nov. 1, 2010 at 6:21 pm
I agree one hundrend percent my little sister gets everything she wants because she cries i hate it so much.
Holyherald said...
Oct. 27, 2010 at 4:44 am
Please comment on my article. I enjoy the feedback of my readers.
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