The Year My Brother Went to Jail

October 19, 2010
By Anonymous

It all started when I was 13. My brother Zack and I had plans to hang out. So when I got home I was so excited to hang out with him, but when he got to my house there was a knock on the door so I went to my bedroom window and when I looked out my window a cop was at the door. My jaw dropped. I was wondering why he was here.
Then I heard my dad answer the door the cop said, “Can I speak to Zack please?” I was so worried when I heard that. I ran out to the living room so fast. My brother was out there for about 20 minutes. He came in he put his cell phone on the table and told my parents sorry for what he did .Then the officer told him to put his hands behind his back.
I started to cry, but I wanted to look tough in front of him. The story for him going to jail is this. At first he dated this girl named Nicole at first I liked her. She was really nice to me and my family, but then things started going bad from here they got in a lot more fights about the littlest things, so he said “ I can’t take it anymore” They broke up. So a few months later he dated this other girl named Amanda. She was alright they had a relationship that was on and off, but they were together for a year until she cheated on my brother he got mad and broke up with her.
Then Nicole and Amanda became friends but in the beginning they hated each other they were both mad at my brother. So they tried to take revenge so they decided to tell the cops that my brother tried to kill Nicole and that he tried to rape Amanda, which none of her stories were true anyway. The cop believed their story so he had to spend a night in jail till the court date which was the next day.
I wanted everything to be alright and nothing to happen to my brother. He was like my best friend but I wanted to go to his court date but my parents said no but they said that they would call me at the school and tell me what had happened so the whole day at school I was freaking out every time I heard the phone ring I thought it was for me but when I least expected it the phone rang it was my mom.
I could tell she was in pain I asked what had happened my mom said I will tell you when you get home I said” no I want to know now” She got mad for me saying that I could tell by the way she was talking to me then my dad got on the phone and said that he was in jail for 1 yr max. I wanted to cry but I needed to look tough because everyone was looking at me . so I sat down at my desk and one little tear came out and then I just could not stop crying I had to leave the room so fast before I freaked out I was so pissed and upset at the same time I wanted to hit something.
But I held it in .When I got home I could tell my mom had been crying I asked if I could visit him with them my dad said no not the first time. So they got back from seeing him. Next week came I asked to go but the answer was always the same no not tonight. I always wanted to say something to them so I just wrote my brother a note telling him I would try to get 600 dollars to get him out because he did not belong in there. So it has been like 2 months now and my mom picks me up from school and she said were going on a little drive .I said “where to” she would not tell me I got mad because I don’t like surprises. So a few hours had passed in the car I fell asleep but when we got there. I finally woke up. and when I looked out my window we were at a gas station and when I looked to my left there was my brother outside this gas station I was so excited to see him standing out there.
I jumped out of the car and gave him a big hug I started to cry because I was so happy to see him .He said he should not be going back to jail anytime soon. well after that a few years have passed by and he found a new girlfriend and they were going to have a baby soon so we thought all of this drama was done but the one day I was having a good day I went to English class and one of my friends came up to me and gave me this brochure and when I had opened it. The brochure said it was by Nicole.
And then my friends told me that she was talking about my family like how my brother used to beat her and she also had the guts to say that my dad would hit her to. She even said you might know his sister megan. And after that I had so many people coming up to me saying that they should beat me like my brother and dad did to her. Which that just made all the drama come back so my brother tried taking her to court for that but the judge said that was no reason to take someone to court .
So then he tried to get a restraining order on her, but they denied him. So then like one year had passed and the restraining order was over, and then we thought it was going to be all done with. For once we were right. Nothing since then, still nothing has happened and I hope it stays that way

The author's comments:
i wrote this because my brother is a big part of my life

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